Rotary Tool Cutoff Saw

by Vector_Mayhem Feb 6, 2012
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At first I passed the project off as Neat, but something I didn't need.
UNTIL I started to build a tank and had to cut 64 hinge pins for the tracks.
It was worth the time to print it, althought I had to use http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1016916 to print the arm so I could fit it to my Dremel 225 flex cable.

Great Job. I just wished you would have published the .SCAD file as well as the .STL file.

Rotary Tool Cutoff Saw Hinge for Dremel Model 225

Doesn't fit, doesn't work.
Wasted Time and money!

There is an arm made for the
Rotary Tool Cutoff Saw Hinge for Dremel Model 225
You can find it at: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1016916

However, in that unit the supplied .SCAD file contains an include to threads.scad. I can't find this scad file that will work to generate it.
The .STL file prints perfectly and fits my 225 flex shaft.

Rotary Tool Cutoff Saw Hinge for Dremel Model 225

this would be a good item to remake for the foredom flex shaft tool, since they still have a straight aluminum shaft to work with unlike dremel that seemed to want to make it hard to design attatchments for their tools by how they made the handle so complex and same for the motor by how they moved the change button so that you had to choose either to be able to get to it or the on-off switch lol.

how what long spring i need and any got link to in uk

It's about 10mm diameter x 40mm long. Most any hardware store should have something suitable.

Nice design. One small problem is heat transfer down the piece being cut is enough to melt the plastic base! I simply added a thin layer of balsa wood to the V-block which is enough insulation to keep the plastic from melting while cutting a S.S. rod.

Hello will this work with any dremel or a specific one ? thanks

This is very cool, printed it. Unfortunately it does not fit my "newer" Dremel extension.
With the one I have you can unscrew the front part. I will rework your upper part to fit my extension (so I can screw it in) and share the results.

does this mean my pos from ebay that was bought by someone from harborfreight is now obsolete ? ha ha .. naw but this def can do smaller scale stuff ..

This should be featured, very nice!

Could you post your extension shaft diameter and the hole diameter where it fits? I have the new version of the Dremel shaft extension 225, but as you said it is contoured :(

Can you please upload all of the STLs? I would love to make this.

I love the end of that flex cable attachement. Mine has an ergonomic shape, its hell to design an attachement for. Could you please give us more details about it? Were did you buy it?

Mine is the older version of the Dremel 225. I don't know when the design changed, but the instructions for mine have a rev date of 2000.  You can still find the old version on ebay, I'm pretty sure the ones that come in a cardboard box (rather than the blister pack) are the old design.

Awesome! Too bad the 255-01 flex shaft doesn't fit.

This is fantastic! Thanks!