FT-5 Mechanical Bed Leveling : Dial Gauge Bracket

by Ishampadron Aug 8, 2016
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Coming from machining I always wondered why people weren't doing this.

i'd bet it's because there are easier and faster ways to achieve results that would produce the same print quality without the need to add the weight of the gauge to the print head assembly.

The gauge is very light and its not like you leave it on there. Once you dial it in, you take it off. lastly if your printer is calibrated and the geometry is sound and solid you don't have to calibrate it every time before a print. This is just one of many options to calibrate.

You don't print with the dial on the head.

if that is the case, then I'm not sure i'd cast my vote for this particular design based on how it's attached- but it would be a good method to getting it "dialed in".

What's the purpose of the huge dagger looking portion?

If you mean the tip. It's because the end doesn't go far down enough and it needed to be extended.

On Gauge_Bracket01.stl, it doesnt match the actual photo you posted and has a big dagger looking thing on the right.

Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/663dc5c9c86cd500f70113296546011c

Thanks for letting me know. Something must have happened on the recent export. I re-uploaded a fix.