Kylo Ren Helmet

by Jtm Aug 9, 2016
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What size is the Kylo Ren Helmet and what is the height of it?

If the inner "ridges" were less angular and more curvy there would be less support material needed and the mask might be more comfortable as well! For example: http://screencast.com/t/AeHH6z3cXk

I can't remix currently (the link 404s) but here's the .stl split into 8 pieces for printing on an 8" bed:


Just noticed this, thank you so much for the extra splits. I didn't see this post until just now, but it at least forced me to learn blender a bit!

Thanks! Have to printed this yet?

The author has No Derivatives as part of the License, that's why you can't upload a remix.

Just finished printing the smallest piece. The thickness of the shell seems just right for a mask. Getting the seams to line up and glue well is gonna be tricky, so plan for filling gaps and sanding. The very simple way I split the model means that the seams are "front & center", which isn't ideal. I suspect there's a good way to slice the "chin" part away from the rest and print in fewer pieces (perhaps 7 instead of 8).

Jtm, if you want it removed just let me know! Or if you want to post the pieces go for it.

Hey, changed the license so hopefully you can add it now, thanks for splitting it and sharing :)

Hopefully he'll let you add it!

I have this queued up to attempt to print in current size, but split in a flat plane along the face. If it works I'll post the remix and also report on the sizing. I am not sure how nice it it will look without splitting along the curves, but this is a quick and dirty attempt.

If i were to print this full size, would it be wearable?

Yes, it should fit up to a 7 inch wide head.