Full Replica PO8 luger

by Jace1969 Aug 10, 2016
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I have included your model in a collection on Thingiverse:

Let me know if this is okay or not - thank you

Handgun History - A 3D Tour
by danlovy

What support do i use?can i use the auto support from sp3d?what resolution?4mm?

I used the standard support feature in Simplify3D back when it was version 3.0 don't no wha the difference is now in V4.2 but I guess it should be fine. I had a 4.0mm nozell at 0.2 20% infil and a 70% infil on the support so it was nice and strong, Cheers Jace. Using ABS although PLA should work too.

The enard's solution is in this post?

Yes his concept idea is in the summary post https://www.thingiverse.com/EDN3RD/makes

But I uploaded pictures or his idea here

hi, i love this replica,
i really want to create one, can PLA handle it ?
i'm not to comfortable with ABS

from what limited experience I've had with using PLA I would think you will be fine, Many others have succesfully printed it in PLA.
I only use ABS because I can make my own filament for a one 6th of the price, cheers Jace

After I printed this Toole part, I had to realize that the Spring System is missing.
I first tried on the model itself to take the measurements, but then decided once online to look for the whole thing.
I came across the original plans.
I do not know how exactly the current model is on it, but someone can see if he can do something with it.


I have seen Ednard's solution, but I think it's a not very nice option.
May I ask which part did not work and especially how you created the tension?
I just want the whole design to return to its original position without much tension behind it.

I've reattached your blue prints out lining the pieces you need.

The metal rod attached to the base of the luger where a spring (pen Spring) slipped over the top connects to a metal L bracket that pivots and causes the next SBend metal bracket to enable the slide / Cocking mechanisim to pull forward when being engaged ; ) Cheers Jace

Hi, we did these so long ago when Rob and I looked at this. The mechanisim wasnt going to be strong enough in printed plastic hence the video attached showing robs finished model as it working using fabricated metal parts the he had hand made himself.

Every one has been opting out for the easier option created by Ednerd over here https://www.thingiverse.com/EDN3RD/makes
Good luck, Cheers Jace

Is myminifactory the original? I need to reprint a single part and although your collection is great for simplifying the print, I don't want to print the whole thing for a single part. I'm not down on the collection. In fact the huge mass of parts help stabilize the print.

Yes it is Daniel Lillygreens one from the mini factory, chess Jace

If you are struggling with assembly like me, here is an exploded view that should help. I am printing with all supports. You might be able to get by with supports just from the bed, but I didn't want to risk it and find out the hard way. I've also sped up the print ... because I'm impatient! :-)


This looks like a fun project and I'm just starting to print it. Does anyone have a link to an exploded view of the luger? W/o that, I'm probably going to struggle with all the little pieces.

It is a very cool project, honestly when you have all the bits on the table or doesn't take very long very long to see where they go ; ) cheers Jace

ok, thanks. See you in 40 hours or so. :-)

Okay, I have all the split parts but I don´t know how to assemble them to give my P08 any similarity with these amazing P08 that you have create .
Could you tell me where I can find those instructions or give me ones?
PD: I´m spanish so may be you find some gramatically mistakes in my text.

Thanks a lot for your time I'll post the make here when I finish

Yes, if I already saw it, but I wanted to do the same as the one you show in the video, with the spring, then, what you did is not the video? Thank you

The one in the vidoe is one I made for a friend whom modified it further ; )

Hello, I really congratulate you for the great job, but there are no spring parts
that if they are in the model that you show, you could upload them, thanks

Rob V a good friend of mine added the spring and metal parts for it to function closely like the real thing, but he had the bits lying around his house and he researched the gun further to see how it worked. You could try EDN3RDS option of the rubberband idea, https://www.thingiverse.com/make:338089

Full Replica PO8 luger

Hi, could you upload all the parts separately please? I've printed a section with the barrel, and few parts have not printed soo good and I do not want to print the entire assembly again.

windows 10 3DBuilder or even Meshmixer you can highlight the part you want and delete the rest, save that one part your good to go, cheers Jace


I modified the grips with different type of knurling.

Grip for P.08 Luger Pistol
by Simhopp

Cool thanks, looks like a great modification, cheers Jace

Hi, This is one of the most impressive models I have seen and I would like to print it. However, I am not sure that my print volume is big enough. Do you know if 4.7" x 4.7" x 4.7" (120 x 120 x 120 mm) is big enough to print the luger? Thanks again for this model it's really cool.

The Thing Details will answer your question ; ) Cheers Jace

Hi! Thanks a lot for this model. If I printed the NEW-03-P08-Luger_BODY, which of the other files do I need to print in order to assemble the gun and make it complete?

Hmm good point you need to print 1 2 & 3 to complete the gun, If you want to remove the split handle from the file and just print the new handle body then youd be ok, but I'd juts print all 4 files, Cheers Jace

Another Kiwi here - what is the purpose of the NEW-03-P08-Luger_BODY ?
Do we print your original files part 1,2,3 to make it functionally slide reload?

New -03-PO8Luger body was just a request from some one whom wanted it complete. Thats all!

Yes, any of the files printed will make it function, Cheers Jace

Can the mag ejection cartridges and is there a file for them?

What is the best filament to print and paint this?
Great model can wait to print this!!

Yes the luger mag ejects and all the files are there. If your refering to the MP40 then you can get it from here.

As for fillament I do everything in ABS so couldnt say if PLA is any good!
I found a gunmetal paint in a spray can and then dry bushed siver here and there to give it a worn look.
Good luck cheers Jace

I have a stratsys f170 with dissolvable support material. Can I print this assembled?

Couldnt really say, as this application is something I'm not familar with sorry, Thanks Jace

Have you remixed the files for the MP40 too?

I printed from this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1038339 and it was really awkward and difficuilt as one piece.

Since then the original designer has released it in seperate parts over at the mini factory

https://www.myminifactory.com/object/mp40-23568 Cheers Jace

MP40 - Functional Assembly

Thanks for the reply. Some of the parts don't fit are too long for even a 250mm print bed, that's why I asked.

Oh I just use the free features in Windows 10 3DBuilder to split any file so it can fit on the printer.

Its really easy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A8rVi-ROkE cheers Jace

is this gun working? (Shooting with this gun?)

No, as in the discription. Replica Only, thanks

Hey man just a quick question I hope it didn’t pass it if I did I’m sorry but the insert to add the rubber band to the action is that included in any of the file downloads cuz I would love to have that feature I’m currently printing the first can’t wait till it’s done thanks for the upload and the time it took u to slice the original down

Hi, you could always check with Ednerd https://www.thingiverse.com/EDN3RD/makes as he made the addtional rubber band spring concept.
But I think it will be easy enough to adapt into the current parts as its not part of the original files sorry. thanks Jace

awesome thanks a bunch man after i looked the pics u uploaded a little closer i think id be able to fashion something up if i cant find anything else. i just figured i would ask before i modified anything myself but thanks again man for taking the time on this to make it a easier print. as soon as i get mine together my grandfather wants me to print him a kit so he can assemble one too. he already has an actual sauer 38 that came from ww2 in perfect working condition i believe it was takin off a fallen german from one of my great uncles that ended up gettin shot on his 21st birthday i think is how the story goes. i can tell ur not from the US but as long as ur not german then i hope my story didnt offend u in anyway. but anyways my grandfather wants to have a luger but they r pretty hard to get ahold of over here so this would be the next best thing. unless someone else in my family comes out of the woodwork and says they have one from the war too then i dont think ill ever be in the possession of one. but hope ya have a good day man


Awesome thanks for some insight into the history behind your build. Im a Kiwi and had uncles that were shot down over Germany. So not affended at all ; )

Hi Jace sorry if I am bothering you just asking is the model scaled to fit in an average persons hand or do I need to scale it myself? thanks for taking your time to read my comment/ask!

Yes it fits the hand perfectly, Check the vidoe you will see there the sizing is pretty good, Cheers Jace

awesome thank you very much :D

Hello Jace1969. I was wondering if you could make an assembly video because I would love to print and make this.


My printer bed is 200 mm by 200 mm and none of the sliced versions seem to fit on the bed. They all overlap just a little bit and I'm not using rafts or any platform adhesion type. Some of the pieces alone even seem to be too large to fit on the bed such as the two halves of the frame. Has anyone else had this problem?
Thanks, The Mad Maker

Hi The MadMaker, sorry no I've not experienced the problem you speak of. I placed the pieces to fit perfectly on my 200 x 200 platform and have printed several of these for friends and family with out issue.

What are the small U-shapes that come with the receiver? I get that one is supposed to go on the back of the slide but otherwise I have no idea what the three others are for.

I believe you are referring to the trigger. I had trouble standing it up as the we lugs on the side would snap off. So I split it in half.
Because I print everything in ABS a little acetone and its welded together seamlessly, Cheers Jace

This project is perfect! I was just in doubt as to the position of printing, are all the pieces horizontal? The suports will not get in the way?

I've made several of these for friends and family using one of the most difficult fillaments available ( ABS ) with ample support sliced with Simplify3D I've not had a problem. If your using PLA I would think it should be perfect. Good luck, Cheers jace

What parameters did you use to generate the support? I think mine got a lot of support, not a body, it's a bad remover ...
Make in PLA :)

I had the ABS support infill at 70% so it was nice and ridged and yes there is a small amount to chip away, but with ABS it just pulls away nicely.
I would have thought the PLA infill support would have broken away beautifully, are you saying this is not the case? Was it perhaps too hot and it has melted/ blended with the actual file which has made it difficult to separate? Cheers Jace

How the lock spring works? There aren't enough parts for a spring.

I think it was an old pen spring. There is an app" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avidionmedia.iGunHD "you can get on your phone that shows all the different workings of a whole heap of guns. My mate RobV had made a couple of extra metal bits to get it to work more authentically, but I don't have those on file sorry!

I just printed it on my Wanhao i3 and it is working damn fine.
Great and fun object.

It could be great to make it spring operated like yours :)

Awesome. such a cool gun created by Daniel, Glad you enjoying the build. I liked it so much I made 7 in total and gave a couple away to some mates, Cheers Jace

Thank you so much for the design. I am in the process of making mine at the moment. However, my print bed is quite small, so I had to use Meshmixer to separate parts. Thanks a lot once again.

Im trying that now but cannot figure out how - can you give me any pointers?

Windows 3DBuilder is fantastic for splitting files, very simple process

So cool, Glad you like it. Shame so many people dont read the Thing details. You could have downloaded it from the MiniFactory from the link provided already split up and save some time. All good though, Cheers Jace

HOW IN THE HELL did you print the body?! No matter which way I orient it there are too many supports, and eventually the nozzle breaks some off, which bunches them up and creates a mess that destroys the print. how did you orient it with supports? if you still have the file with support structure, I'd love it!!

How did you get on did you get it sorted in the end? Cheers Jace

Hi Kris,
I have printed 6 of these in ABS on my Wanhao I3 with out issue. File 3 I've splt the body into 3 components and used asertone to glue it together.
I use a heated glass bed with 3 layers of PVA glue stick smeared evenly across the glass.

0.2 layer wit 50% fill and 70% support fill for better regitity. I use Simplify3D which dose a great job slicing these files ready to print.
I have the Gcode already saved ready to go, which I could upload here, but unless you have a Wanhao I3 that the Gcode was setup for running ABS, then I'm afraid I can't help sorry. Cheers Jace

I have a wanhao i3 could you post it ?

Have a look I've added the Simplify 3d files for you to try on your wanhao in ABS only, Cheers Jace it is the zip file

do you think that .2 mm layers would be fine and is pla to brittle?

Hi Gav, yes .2mm layer height will be fine. PLA & ABS will both work fine also but both have there pros and cons.
I find ABS stronger, easier to sand and a breeze to glue together with acetone.
ABS can be difficult to print and is susceptible to warping with out the right adhesion and requires a good hot-end and heater bed

PLA is a food grade product, good for the enviroment, but eventually will degrade and in some cases looses shape if exposed to sun light or heat for long periods of time. I understand it is a corn starch based product and sanding in my experience is a night mare. Difficult to glue and requires super glue and or a good two pack apoxy resin to bond. It is how ever a breeze to print and why most people use it ; )

For me here in NZ PLA is $25 - 50 a roll where as I can extrude my own ABS pellets for less than $4.00 P/Kg so I'm a little bias towards ABS ; )

This model is cut up way to difficult.
use the original one https://www.myminifactory.com/object/p08-luger-functional-assembly-5545
a lot less parts to glue.

Sorry I disagree. The minifactory one requires way to much support material and a lot more time to clean up, hence why I created this to print with minimum and or not at all support. As I print everything in ABS ,a small drop of acetone will weld the plastic together with little or no join reference. Is quicker and leaves a more accurate model with way less clean up ; )

If you are printing using "bio degradable" PLA that requires extensive gluing, then yes your statement has some merit. Cheers Jace

Is there any way to split the file with all the parts in to multiple different ones? I don't want to print a single file for over 11 hours so..

look in the Thing details where I originally got it from and head on over to the min factory and down load the individual files. Cheers Jace

What kind of spring is that? Are there any other parts I should get?

I think it was an old pen spring. There is an app" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avidionmedia.iGunHD "you can get on your phone that shows all the different workings of a whole heap of guns. My mate RobV had made a couple of extra bits to get it to work more authentically, but I don't have those on file sorry!

could you please make another file where the whole thing is 2 prints but non functional so its just the 2 halves?

You should be able to do that your self with you own printing software. Did you want me to come operate your printer too ; )

what i mean is i dont want all the inside chambers and all that stuff i just want the outside of it. Could you by any chance just send me the stl of the whole gun put together not in parts at all? if so cause my 3d printer isnt the best on supports and i dont want to spend the time putting it together and what not i just want it for looks

If u read in the description you can down load it direct from the original owner as in pieces. You do realise you can also open all 3 files in Windows 3DBuilder and move, delete, manipulate, resize and reshape to your heart's content??? I've just simplified it so people can print it straight away!

do you have to print all 3 of the p08 files to make it? and does it require supports at all?

Yes you do ; )

Awesome, yea it is a really cool print and with some cleaning up and paint looks really authentic ; )

is the luger body the whole thing or just the lower frame?

It is all the parts now complete with some split in to two pieces to make it as easy as possible to print good quality pieces with limited support! Still all credit to Daniel Lillygreen over at the mini factory

Thanks all credit though, must go to Daniel Lillygreen

You can find the whole Luger to down load from here


Thanks ; )

super job
le plus beau pistolet pour moi.

Thanks all credit though, must go to Daniel Lillygreen


Thanks ; )

Jeez man! This is like the fourth upload in the last hour! You go fast with this kinda thing! Awesome!

Yep on my lunch break and cant help wanting to share ; )