OpenForge Stone Dungeon Tiles

by devonjones Oct 25, 2013
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Wow, that was quick. Thanks, too

Made a video of Molding/Casting tiles.
Never done that before, or made a video for youtube.
Thank you for the pieces you have made.


First: Devon, your stuff is amazing!
Second: Is there a forum I should find to ask questions about specific printers that are better for miniatures and terrain like yours? I'm a total noob, and need to do my homework before I buy. Thanks!

Thank you :-). I don't know of a specific forum for asking, but I can tell you that my stuff is designed for most any fused deposition printer that operates off of plastic filament. My tiles have printed fine for people in both PLA and ABS. So far I'm unaware of anyone printing my tiles on an SLA printer like the Form1, but I'm sure it would be frankly great. I try to design my parts to work well on basically anything, though higher resolution could give some better detail. Only a few pieces really need .1mm layer height, almost all can be printed at .2 or .3.

Printrbot which has the cheapest commercial printers I'm aware of can do .1. I use a reprap prusa i2 (and I just built an i3), and those can both hit that as well.

So what I'm saying is pretty much anything can do it if it's well tuned.

Pretty cool. I do think the base part is a bit too thick though... but still printed awesome

base is as thick as it is to be compatible with dwarven forge (which also makes it compatible with hirstarts and some other existing terrain

Great looking set, just a little thick for my liking. I might try to scale down the Z and see how it comes out.

This is just my personal preference, though. I print with a .25mm nozzle and usually at a .1mm layer height... makes these take a good while to print.

That said, even with the time it take to print, these look like they'll make an amazing addition to game night.

Yeah, they are taller for compatibility with Dwarven Forge tiles, which a lot of people have from their kickstarter. If you don't use those, then the extra height is just a waste

I Get it instead of Dwarfin forge openforge


I don't know, I like the extra height. I printed up dozens of the smaller tiles that are listed here, but after OpenForge came out, I tried them as well. I don't own any DwarvenForge, so compatibility isn't an issue for me, but the size of these tiles feels right. They don't get knocked over easily, the walls aren't too high, and they are tough.

I use a dremel tool to drill a small hole in the bottom of each tile and stick a small neodymium magnet in there with a hot glue gun. They stick perfectly to a magnetic whiteboard or a steel sheet.

I like the magnet idea.

I'm about to add a gap in the bottom so that the the multifloor frames can have a lip to hold pieces. If you tell me the sizes of the magnets you are using, I can alter the bottom to also have a hole for magnets when I do that work.

www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004RUEGC2/ These are the ones I usually use. Cheap and plentiful. They're 3/16" x 1/16".

I have also used these ones www.amazon.com/gp/product/104800001X which are a little bit smaller and work for smaller tiles like the 1x1 tiles.

I bought a few of these steel sheets www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000W6ZMQY and pre-build my dungeons on them before game. They work nicely with the magnets.

+1 to this magnet idea.

Have you attempted caverns?

I've tried a little on the modeling front. Nothing so far I'm happy enough with to release yet. Been learning how to use 3d sculpting tools to get towards a solution.

Great set! The only thing that I see missing are doors. Do you have plans to make them any time soon?

Took a long time, but I finally published a door today. I have more designs coming.

I've taken a few cuts at doors, none of which I've been happy with. I'm trying, but I still need to come up with a design that I think is of high enough quality to release. It's definitely something I really want to get out.

Fantastic!! This look like they could be the best dungeon tile sets on Thingiverse right now. I can't wait to give these a try.

i love it. printed one out as a test @ 100 micron and it looks amazing, gonna try to do some @ 50 and 200 micron settings highly recommend using abs for these though, as if you're bringing these around town sometimes you forget them in the car. which with pla is a disaster.

Hope you keep making and posting these!.

Oh, and I'm mostly done with a wall, a little more work to do. then I'll start on corners

Post a picture? Mine are in PLA, so I'm curious to see how yours turned out.

will do, and once i grab some more molding supply i'll also post the resin casts (printing enough for a campaign @ 2 hours per print is unbearable, when compared to 4 prints in 2 minutes)

got a second 100 micron printing now so i should be able to get the 50 and 200 micron pics soon, still deciding on paint as well. think i'm gonna end up going with a dark stone and go in and paint parts of it green since the top pattern is nice and organic looking for it, and then finish with a light gray dry brush.

and i can't wait to see how the wall comes out!