Audrey II - Little Shop of Horrors

by Audrey2 Aug 10, 2016
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This is absolutely fantastic. I was actually planning on buying an Audrey II kit, then I found this. Thank you so much for sharing it.

By chance have you considered splitting the open-mouth version into separate parts? it would make painting it much easier.

Thank again.

I'll have to see if I can split the model to make it easier to paint! I've just never quite figured out how to split it around the tongue.

I tend to just splatter about with paint and you always end up with some really weird and beautiful effects. The stranger the better!

You'll have to share a picture of yours when it's finished - I'd love to see it!

Printed the open version at 300% and it is coming out great! We are going to add teeth, I'll share a make when it is complete

Two-ey! She's beautiful!

This is such a great model. We are doing this musical at our school. I just have one question. Is there any way you can open the mouth or a model with the mouth open?

Oh this is sooooo cool, I love this movie, nice idea to mix it with a real plant.

I usually prefer useful items, but this is so great I'm going to make room in my print queue for it :)

This is awesome, I might just have to try this one out, GF would love adding the vegetation. Wonder if there's a good way to include this into an actual live plant.

Amazing paint job man. looks so good, like a phycho brussel sprout!