Squared off Slim case

by helno Aug 11, 2016
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As I am intending using this as a case for a system called 'PilotAware' I may need to modify it slightly - is there any chance of having the design files?


email me helno at rocketmail.com and I can send you something.

There is some new Stratux radio hardware in the works that will work well with piaware and fits this case.

Does this have room for the new AHRS/fan controller unit?

There is plenty more of room for GPIO accessories.

Chris designed the AHRS module to fit this case.

Awesome; thanks!

I didn't see the second base file with the suction cup points, has this file been removed?

Do don't think I ever added it.

I'll add it.

Thanks! I'm hoping to build this out soon and liked your design with the suction cup vs the injection mold

We are actually tooling up for a molded suction cup holder. It actually holds the case with the GPS facing out.



Thats really cool. I'm assuming you have found it to get better reception with the GPS facing out, if so, how does that affect the cooling with the minimal spacing between the fan and the window? Would the back need the passive ventilation for better cooling, particular if the sun was on that window? Lastly, what are you using for your main power source? Any plans for an extended version for a power pack of some type? Thanks for the quick replies!!

It definitely makes the GPS perform better.

As for the fan it ends up about 1/4" away from the window with a big cutout so it should not be an issue.

I've made versions that can hold batteries but it is a lot of work and expense for something that is bulkier than just using an external battery. I use an easyACC 6000.

Would it be possible for you to add the frequency labels to the antenna holes, or was there a problem with that for some reason?

I can add them but to be honest a sharpie marker in the SMA adapter is more obvious.

The printing looks great on a process like SLS but looks wavy and undefined on an FDM machine.