Wallony Vertical Planters

by UptonAK Aug 12, 2016
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I'd like to get the original files or remix this with one slight change:
I'd like to add a recessed pocket with a slot on the back so that you can hang this on two protruding screws.
Or, I'd like to experiment with other ways of attaching this.

Also, I have made a few of these at 2x scale, which is much better for the size of plants I have.

Hi, quick question. Why do some of the drains have two holes on the bottom and others have a rectangular outlet?

Two part question:
1) What did you use to design these?
2) Do you have the original design files?

I'm working on an aquaponics system using this design and I'd like to make a bar for top to feel water in and a bar for the bottom to catch the water coming out.

Very nive design! Im looking to print it in the weekend :). 1 Questions: how do you atach each module to the wall?

3M VHB tape for the flat hanger or a sheet rock screw with the other hanger.

Excellent work! I flag for the weekend and i do maraton of this print :)
Only one question: What % of infill is the rigth choice?
Thx in advance!

Could you update with the pot version for the bottom? We don't want the outflow holes on the bottom, or the water will drain out! I'm starting to print this for a wall in my house, pictures to come, but I need the lower pot to print!

Added but not print checked.
If someone prints them, please provide an update.

I printed two of them last night/this morning. No problems printing them.

I'm realizing we need planters with right drain only and left drain only, in order to keep a fully connecting garden more than two levels. Could you add that too?

I will be providing pics of my garden, this weekend's capacity is going into printing a wall garden!

Updated, see new files uploaded.

Hey dude i have one request that just need to change a little bit the conception but can you do it ?
It consist of
1Suppress the corner inside
Make a 5mm hole in the simmetry 10mm under the Top summit for fixing your project to a plank with screw

Thanks for the design feedback. Updates were made in a remix. see: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1743216

The above thing is improperly scaled and is not compatible with the 80mm versions here. The replacement part is now included in this Thing page.
Remix deleted

@waveskylord. I havent printed this yet. If you get to it first, please update us with how it works. Thanks

Of course i will do ! (PS i will try to make some plug for the hole we don't want the water goes out and make a flower to get the wanter under kept in a place. I would like to see what would happen if we make little aquapony out of it . with the good plastics (not abs because it's toxic)

Which material do you recommend?

PLA is all I used.

Which material do you recommend?