Dalek Buddha

by SavageRodent Aug 13, 2016
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How does one join this religion?

I don't think you can what with the religion being defunct on account of its founder being exterminated before he got to spread his wisdom.
That said, I guess it's a lot like conventional Buddhism but with more exterminating.

Holy CRAP why have I not seen this before today??? Hahahaha! This is definitely my next print!

I didn't know I needed one of these until I saw it. Printed great on the first try.

Awesome design. And OMG, when it prints the perimeter the "music" the motors make is eerie as heck.
The type of music you'd imagine having in the background when a Dalek is made.

The eyestalk didn't work out and I didn't have the time to play with it, will print it again with a raft / full support / 100% infill / finer resolution / slower and hope it works. It kept moving around and its base was a bit messy. The rest was awesome.

5:30 hours, could probably change the parameters to make it faster.

Having issues in Simplify3D with the eyestalk, half the base of it disapears

Turn your speed down, try printing multiple.

Also what printer (brand/type) are you using?

Can you send a picture of the print?

From what i hear Simplify3D is the Worst! Im more supersized your not having problems with the body as its made up of 3 pieces of overlapping geometry which is normally enough to get Simplify3D flustered.
if i were you, id look around for a free alternative slicer. I use Cura and rate it highly. but you'ed have to find out witch slicers create compatible gcode files for your printer.

dalek buddha, why not Buddhalek?

dalek buddha, why not Buddhalek?

dalek buddha, why not Buddhalek?

dalek buddha, why not Buddhalek?

Would be nice if I could make a similar model with a Dalek head that can rotate 45degrees from front and center on top of the Buddha body. Anyone want to help with making this remix!?

i think i'll pass. working with geometry from imported STL files is a pain in the @*#. and to do what u want would mean starting from scatch. just out of curiosity why do u want the head to move? and why spesificly 45degrees?

i'm glad to hear u sussed out printing the eyes alright.

I would love the head to move so I can position it to look indifferent directions when I have to rearrange my work-desk as I move from place to place. Would be a nice touch.
45Degrees from center would be ideal so you can have the body face in your general direction at all times, yet the head would be able to be turned to hit the exact POV from where you are sitting.

Also this could be fun when adding other 3d models to a scene of make-believe lol.

Scaled down to .7. Everything went great, until we printed the Stalk. Wibble-wobble-didnt work.

yeah the problem with small parts like the eye is that the layers don't have a chance to cool down. Maybe you could try printing the eye at the same time as anther object, that way there would be a longer interval between each layer going down also the nozzle wouldn't be constantly hovering around same place, radiating heat.

i must admit haven't tested this theory. but the logic seems sound.

good luck

I printed 5 at the same time. Again at 70% to scale. I also placed a thin membrane linking all 5 together on the platform almost as if making a snap-apart outer frame for the pieces... Why 5? Dalek Buddha must always be at the ready.

Anywho, it worked out just fine, and now he is a permanent fixture of my workspace at Amazon.