Pet monster Valentine

by andreas Feb 7, 2012
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Anyone take the components and actually have the heart under the dragons grasp? Not having any luck. Have broken his foot off twice now :0 hahahah. Well I've heated the dragon up and moved parts around, I then took a hammer and beat the heart in a bit and then remelted things back. Seems to be okay. But def not actually made so the heart will slide in (that I can tell :)

Can you please add a multi-material version? :)

Comments deleted.

Printed at .15 layer height, translucent blue PLA, MakerGear Mosaic. Gorgeous minus some slicing defects :) Look how smooth the heart is!

This one looks really smooth, nice print :)

I made one for my wife and she loves it!

Thanks from both of us!

That's nice, you're very welcome :)

The contest requires the design file be included in your entry and I don't see one for this thing. I haven't checked all your pet monster things, but I know at least some include a ZTL file which is a Paintbrush file, I think.

I wouldn't want this to be disqualified on a technical point, especially since so many people, including me, like it.

Please, double check all your things to make sure they meet all the requirements for the contest.

-- Don

Thanks for the heads up! I'll upload those files later as my internet connection is really bad since days. It took ages to upload the other files here.

ZTL is a ZBrush file btw.

So what coaxing would it take for a version of this little guy just curled up on his own with all his feet on the ground? Better, maybe one where he is curled around 'something' not in the model. Then we can print it at an appropriate scale and set the 'something' in the center later on. Significant other wakes up to cute printed dragon curled around cute plush Cthulhu; men around the world sing your praises.

MMmmmmm, printable marzipan.

Pet monster Valentine - No Accessories Edition
by andreas

Well... I like marzipan if that helps? ;)

When you're saying "curled around himself", are you talking about something like this by chance?


:D that would also make a nice print!

Alright, I'll wrap the little guy up and upload everything tomorrow. Now I'm graving for some marzipan... look what you've done!!!


Get some, you deserve it!

YES! Precisely like that. I'd take up marzipan chef'ry for that.

Added a vesion where the heart is seperately printable. I've no idea if this fits together (no 3d printer and therefore no experience with this) after you've printed it though. I'd imagine you'd have to print the heart first, then the dragon and then put it together while it's still bendable.

If this fails miserably you'll find a great derivative by cyclone which seems to work pretty good :)

The individual files you have are useful for someone printing the parts individually. (Like me) but for someone using two extruders, they would need the parts to line up with respect to each other. So when you load the files, they line up with where they go. See my files for an example. And I'd say the base gets printed separately, so just the dragon and the heart down on Z=0 with the heart in the right place. (As it always should be :) ) I'd love to see more two color prints on Thingiverse.

That's pretty usefull information, thank you! I didn't know that it's possible to print two different colors at the same time.

I already tweaked the parts to fit together without overlapping but that would've been much easier if I'd known that before. :D

Is every printer capable of dualextrusion?

Dualextrusion has been experimental on thing-o-matics for awhile, and there are a several people who have been producing two color prints on thingiverse. Makerbot's recently released Replicator has dual extrusion built in to the higher end model. When the first of the replicator's ship in the coming weeks, they'll be even more demand two color models.

I'm rarely swayed by cuteness, but wow. Awesome job! The one thing that would make it even cooler is if you could also upload the heart and dragon separately so that they could be colored differently using dualstrusion, as per your rendering.

This model is beautiful. He's so photogenic! You've dealt with all the details and overhangs really well - he prints flawlessly. Great work! I printed him at 2x his original size - totally worth the wait.

Thanks, the tips for my previous models helped alot. This print looks pretty good, indeed :)

This is a must print. Well done.

Thank you, I think it'd be a really nice gift. Especially for dragon lovers.

I think this is the cutest of your designs yet.

How about this same monster, but just the monster without the heart and without the base?

The Pet Monster contest is really adding great stuff to Thingiverse!

Thank you for sharing your creations.

Since the foot is on top of the heart, that might be a problem.

Andreas, you must either be very fast or not be working/going to school. These are very nice and quite polished.


I'll think about it. It will need some tweaking (the foot in particular as Grog mentioned) but I'll probably do that later.

The base itself is already seperated.

Nah, I just had some time at hand. I'm a fulltime student ( see http://www.andreas-boehler.de/en/resume/http://www.andreas-boehler.de/... ) who loves 3D and this is a fun challenge.

I made these in my spare time and between other projects to free up my mind. Once you start it's easy
to lose track of time though! :-D

Wasn't logged in, this guy above is me ;)

This really is fabulous. I second files of just the heart and just the dragon. I'm not afraid of using support structures to clean things up and doing the heart in pink and dragon in green would be great!

I say, keep doing what you are doing! These are great. I haven't printed this one yet, and I think for all the details to come out perfect I might increase the size to 150%. But it looks very printable. This will be next on the list once I finish painting the grappy :)

Thanks, I'm looking forward to it! The painted Grappy and the printed Valentine XXL :-D

150% is only 75mm. I can print up to 200mm... it's tempting to go 200mm...

My bad, thought you meant increase it for 150% of it's size which would've been 125mm. Shouldn't reply before I had my first coffee... :D

200mm sounds great but I guess that would take forever to print? :)

Forever? not really. A 180mm octopus took 2 hours on 0.2mm per layer:

http://daid2.mine.nu/~daid/IMG_20111213_223459.jpeghttp://daid2.mine.nu/~daid/IMG... (the bottom red one) and my machine should be able to go faster then that.

My guess it would take about 4 hours to print.

how much is this model, is it for sale or for display? i really like it