Ultimate Greg Wade Geared Extruder - Hobb-Goblin 8mm Hobbed Shaft Remix

by PDBeal Aug 15, 2016
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This is a great remix and the STL prints great. However, the openscad file has a bunch of errors and the file fails to generate. The only thing I want to change is this:
bowden_pushfit_d = 9.6; // Bowden pushfit diameter
bowden_pushfit_thread = 6.0; // Bowden pushfit thread length

Yours is:
bowden_pushfit_d = 4.5; // Bowden pushfit diameter
bowden_pushfit_thread = 4.5; // Bowden pushfit thread length

Could you help with the openSCAD file so we can use it and use your mount? Thank you!

Or if you can provide some guidance on how you added the filament support to the original @ http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:966579/#comments I could modify that file. I diffed yours and his, but couldn't figure out how you made that support lip.

Thank you!

Ultimate Greg's Wade's Geared Extruder - Bowden version

When you render the file, you have to have all of the .scad files in the same location when your working with ult-gregs-wades-Bowden_bracket-v1-PDB.scad, otherwise you will get lots of errors. I checked the files on Thingiverse and they still open and render properly with OpenSCAD 2015.03-2.

The only thing I had to do with the filament path was adjust the radius of one of the circles around the idler and then offset the filament path for the hobb-goblin 8mm hobbed shaft as the original design didn't line up properly.

Around line 455 in the original file I changed "translate([-13,0,9.5])" to "translate([-15.45,0,9.5])" which is what gave it a longer overhang around the hobbed shaft.

ok, that was my issue. I didn't have everything in one dir and now I'm good. One more question. Any ideas how to make this wall a tad thicker? I seem to always break this part:

If you want the part stronger, you could increase the number of perimeters and increase the number of top/bottom layers. You can also increase the infill to 50% or higher, or even reduce the layer thickness to 0.15 or 0.1mm.

I didn't really have any issues with strength or the parts breaking with 0.2mm and 30% infill with PLA and I ended up printing 4 of these setups for 3 reprap printers.