Planet Express Ship [Futurama]

by ChaosCoreTech Aug 15, 2016
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Really cool! i like it

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Any chance you still have the fusion model, and would you mind sharing it?
I'm planning putting leds into the thrusters (it would be easier to add the cutouts for the LEDs and wires),
but adding landing gear is tempting too.

+1... I wanted to go much larger w/ a few tweaks. Source files (or anything other than STL for editing) would be awesome. Thanks!

Very cool. about how big is the ship you made in the video?

So well done, can't wait to print this!

Thanks for taking the time to post this, looks great

could you please post a file of the tail without the logo - my painting skills are not up to it. I would rather put a sticker on the tail.


Thank you Thank you. Saw your video and so glad you posted this.

I printed the stand, but the ship doesn't seem to sit on it properly. Could you post a picture of the ship on the stand so I can make sure I'm putting it in correctly?

Check my make for a shot of it on the stand.

GREAT Job you made with your wife!

Can you give us more detail about sanding, what your wife use?


Terrific Model. Is it coincidence that the thing number has 1729 ( if you level out the 131 in the middle )? 1729 being the number of the Nimbus ship among other notable things in and out of the show.

Garrett! Your model is amazing and your wife did a wonderful job of colouring the Planet Express Ship. Thanks for sharing this model with us all, the Futurama fans on planet Earth! :)

More applause for your wife's sanding, painting and finishing skills. I knew it was a ChaosCoreTech print as soon as I saw it. Great work on the modeling, too.

I've been waiting for a good model of this ship...Thanks!
...any chance you can post a version of the tail without the logo? I would much rather put a sticker there. My paint skills are not up to that kind of detail painting...

Looks like my printer's vertical build volume isn't tall enough to print the ship standing vertically. So I'll either have to print everything at 80% size or put the ship body on its side and use a lot of supports. On the bright side, that would allow me to scale up the ship to 150%.

Very nice piece, well done. Futurama was always a very funny and enjoyable series to watch.

Absolutely awesome you rock man.

i am printing this asap! this looks like a whole lot of work really great job! thanks for posting it.

Looks Good, i cant wait to add this to my physical collection

THANK YOU!!! I love your work!!!

Another fine addition to Garrett's Toy Shop