Bowden cable push-fit connectors for Techzone Huxley

by DeuxVis Feb 8, 2012
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I made them for my metal gear system extruder, wich has normal extruder holes. So i edited openscad and now it fits all my extruders, my wades, mgs and others. I had to thread the threads with a machining tool, but it works perfect.
Ill upload my remix tomorrow.

Can't use this on what I'm using. The pneufit coupler doesn't fit and the bolt-distance isn't correct for what I'm using. Guess I'll have to re-design :)

Sure, that's why openscad sources are provided : if it doesn't suit your need, evolve it !

Hey thanks for your reply, I tried rendering it in openSCAD, but it takes five minutes, so I have decided to re-design the thing in Rhino, just because I want to learn that program :)

Soon I will start learning openSCAD after I master Rhino a bit more, and I will re-design my parts in that language.

while working on the general layout, change "renderrodthreads" to false in the "rod" call.
It will disable the thread and allow warp speed renderings.

Still in the process, but I have already finished the connectors a long time ago for pneufit holders.

Created them from scratch! But meanwhile I got so busy that I designed a whole new X-carriage for the MendelMax I'm using :)

I now have a bowden setup using two of these connectors and anyone can use them because they have standard hole-spacing for things like Greg's Wade Extruder and others.

Are you still working on designing new parts for printers?

Well not for this printer currently...


I just ordered the adaptors and the tubing to make mine bowden.
It's a Ditto from tinkerine, can you help me making the part fit the original one on my printer ?

Thanks a lot

Could you provide a link to your machine technical reference and especially the parts you want to plug into this one ?

Sorry.. didn't see the reply...
I did them myself finaly without any thread inside, just a bit smaller than the thread.


Great, glad you could use it.

How can I adjust the distance of the mounting screw holes in the scad file?

Basically bolt to center right and left parameters.
Let me know what distance(s) you need if you cannot get what I mean, I'll make you a modified one.