Ultimaker 2 Raspberry Pi and relay support

by Solenoid Aug 23, 2016
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Just started attaching the support from the bottom but realised there's nothing to grip on the UM2, just plain holes. Went for a closer look here and see that you have put the screws from inside, right? Plenty of grip on the PLA so fine I guess. I have M3 bolts though so will probably use them.

Still, I got to get inside there. What's the easiest way? Don't want to take too much apart. One of the side plates?

Oh, I'm retarded. Of course I could just go in from the front :)

You don't need to disassemble anything on the UM2, simply set the printer on its side, push the table away (upwards) and attach the support from the inside.

Does the Pi piggyback on the UM2 PSU?

I used a dedicated supply for the Pi, but if you find a way to piggyback the UM2 PSU I'd be very interested.

Seems doable: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/15515-powering-raspberry-pi-from-ultimaker-2-main-board

I'm hooking up a web camera too so probably the Pi needs too much power to use the 5V. So should hook it straight to the 24V from the PSU and step down. I ordered a couple of these right now: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222192714797

Would be great if the main power switch on the UM2 then actually switched the Pi's power and then OctoPrint in turn controlled the UM2 power. Oh, the mods :)

I'd advise against tapping power from an existing 5V regulator on the UM2, the components were designed to do specific tasks and the Pi is very demanding power-wise. A step-down from the 24V is the way to go if you want to get power from the UM2 supply.

Can you switch the relay with 3.3v GPIO? I tought you need to use a Transistor cause the relay switcht at 5v?

It seems it works at 3.3V, I haven't had any issues at least...

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