Printrbot Full Build Tray

by beardface Feb 9, 2012
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Which printrbot are these parts for?

Btw, what did you use to build the tray?

You can build your own newer tray; use http://plater.pyplater.py (Which comes with printrun)

I find http://plater.pyplater.py hard to use...

  1. I cant get it to export the final file.

  2. I can't tune it to a bed (like 6"x6").

  3. You cant rotate items.


Do you have a mouse on your computer... with a middle scroll wheel?

  1. when exporting, make sure to add '.stl' to the file name
  2. Just put everything in the center. It is tuned to 8x8... do some math and count squares
  3. scroll the middle mouse wheel


  1. Works now, thx :))

  2. Works now, thx :))

  3. I tried to scroll, but it doesnt work :/

Which Belt Pulleys do you recommend? Lot's of choices seems about right but i have NO clue which ones to pick :)

What kind of infill is needed on these parts? Any of them need to be particularly strong?

I use .5 infill using slic3r and it is plenty strong...

these parts will probably be on ebay in the next two days

If someone prints this tray; please post pics. I'm waiting to print it till I get my orange filament. :)

It'll fit on a 7"x7" build platform.

Can you define tiny? Is this makerbot-able?

Sorry, I built this to fit easily on my mendel prusa which has an 8x8 platform.

If you have a ToM, your best option is to do a piece at a time on that tiny thing. ;)

It appears to be 6" by 7" (I opened the .stl in sketchup saying the source file is in mm).