Tentacle chess pawn (model the other pieces yourself!)

by VeerleC Oct 27, 2013
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Oh man, I read your description. I actually took enough pictures of a live conch to make a 3D model of, when I get some more time to actually run it through the SFM process hopefully I'll remember to share the link with you.

These would be great for the black pieces in Dunsany's Chess variant.

I'll be using this as a pawn for a Lovecraft themed chess set. Anyone have suggestions for the other pieces? I have a Cthulhu for king but am blank on the other pieces!

I have some ideas for your underwater themed chess pieces: seaweed and wrecked boats.

Hi. I am trying to print this at my local library but they are having problems with it. Here is their email:

"Unfortunately, we're still unable to print your "tentacles chess pieces" file. No matter how we alter it, it still glitches out halfway through and thinks it's "finished" after only printing half of the tentacles. Since we were unable to print it, we won't be charging you for this item."

Any ideas? Thanks.

Maybe the top is smaller than the nozzle width, or the minimum thickness that the slicer will print.

Good idea, I suggest you go ahead and model it!

seems like the King needs to be the "torso" of the octopus,and it looses a limb each pawn lost.

I agree, Seems like a much cooler idea to continue the tentacle theme.
If you made one (or both) sides a squid or cuttlefish you could have the king be the

head of the squid with the fins (as a crown) and the two longer extra arms could be rooks.

Good idea, I suggest you go ahead and model it! :)