Connector Pieces for Halo 4 Helmet Size A (no magnets/tension pins required)

by coolarj10 Oct 27, 2013
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how many pieces do you need for the completed helmet?

If you print them lying down they come out better + are less likely to snap :)

How did you do the Gold Visor ? Can one use Solar Film they use on office windows ?

Hi Protolink3D, I purchased a motorcycle visor.

This is the one I purchased:SHOEI CW-1 Spectra Gold

You're welcome to use a film or something instead. The nice thing about motorcycle visors is that they are readily available in a variety of colors, and they are reflective (so no one can see your face from outside the visor, but you can still see properly while wearing it).

How do you size this to your head or your kids head?

Hi Runningfox, the helmet is a fixed size. So these connectors are designed to fit into the helmet.
The original creator created multiple helmet sizes, however. For example, here is a child size: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:181491http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...
As long as the holes to fit in the visor are the same in the Child version as the Adult version, these connectors will work just fine.
You can then put foam pads/a cloth/towel/sponges inside the helmet so that it fits around you or your kid's head nicely.

Halo 4 Helmet Child Size C

Hey coolarj10, i love your idea and i am probably going to use these pins soon, as my helmet is printing right now! But i was just wondering, with how beautiful yours looks, you could show me h ow you did your LED's, cause i would love to do the same thing. I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

lol larze123, I am so sorry I just saw your post. If you still need my help, I'll be happy to sketch you a diagram. Sorry for the super late response, I accidentally overlooked your comment.

No problem! I enjoyed making this helmet, and sure enough I did end up using your pins to secure mine together. It came out great, and eventually i will get around to adding it to the Made section. I plan on doing the LEDs soon, when i can find the time.

I'm curious, did you have your printer set to go one individual part by one, or one layer of 20 by one?

That is, when you tried printing 20 at once.

Hi Pinecone, good point. I am using the standard latest firmware on my Replicator 1 Dual, so I don't have a way of printing 20 pieces in which the printer only prints one piece, then moves to the next.

My method of printing 20 pieces on a single build plate was limited to literally printing the first layer 20 times, then the second layer 20 times, etc.