Gold Prospecting Sluice Box (flared)

by Trippsy25 Aug 20, 2016
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I think you have to change the licence type. You have enabled the non-commercial type. But when someone goes outside and wants to find gold with your sluice, it'll be likely to sell the gold. ;)

Haha perhaps. But perhaps they'll keep their gold. Ive been prospecting for about 2 years now and still have the very first piece I found.

Wow, great video Trippsy25!

My printer is here and it's up and running... Can you tell me how long that took to print! It would take FOREVER with my .3mm print nozzle. I'm going to order some larger nozzles today and give this a try. Thank you for posting this video :)

Thanks :) Its certainly not a quick print thats for sure. Depending on the settings you use I'd expect it to take around 12 hours to print each section. Thats where it was for me, give or take. But it doesnt need to be super high quality since its a sluice so I'd go low quality to improve the print time.

Hey Trippsy, Went looking for a youtube video and was disapointed to not find one of the sluice in action. I'll tip a glass to encourage you to get that video made :)

Video is up :)

Just started to print out the sluice :) It'll take me a few days get printed and hopefully I can do the test video by the end of the week.

I guarantee it'll catch gold though. The whole design and size is very reminiscent of the Angus MacKirk Grubstake Sluice and that thing catches gold like a beast. If this works half as well (and Im sure it will) it'll be a winner, all things considered.

Sorry mate. Have only had my printer for one week and am still working out the kinks and fine tuning it before I go for some of these longer prints such as this sluice. I have a couple of other things on my list first but I'll hopefully have this printed and tested within the month or there abouts :)