Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Mini NES Raspberry Pi Case

by daftmike Aug 20, 2016
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If you could reorder some PCBs for the klt, that would be awesome.

Good start. Needs an update for Model 3 with the 4 USB ports. I also recommend thickening the walls a tad as they're quite flimsy.

It's already designed for the 3...

How much do you sell the electronics kit? I haven't seen any pricing information.

Hello, anyone have a version compatible with the first raspberry ?

Hola amigo lo felicito muy bueno su trabajo, me podria guiar donde puedo encontrar una para orange pi lite, gracias parcero.

This is the nes replica!!! Thanks alote

Just made a version that supports 4 front usbs. You can find it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2351454

Mini NES Raspberry Pi Case 4 front USB

https://www.facebook.com/groups/miniNESbuilders/ <-- you can get all your questions answered there. No one has heard from DaftMike for about a year now. Maybe he died, who knows. Point is some very good people have assembled in that group to continue and improve on DaftMike's design.

Also can this be implemented using an Orange Pi PC H3 ??? I can purchase 2 Orange Pi PC H3 boards for every Raspberry Pi 3

Questions - where did he get the mini nes controllers? and will any NFC tag work with this? Also where can I find a complete BoM doe the electronics.NVM I see he 3d printed the nes controllers and custom made the internals

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Will this work with pi 3

Yes its a tight fit.

has anyone considered altering the case to fit a pidrive inside? Im no good with that stuff or I would

New reinforcered cart lid for this awesome model!


Cart Lid Mini Nes Raspberry Pi Case
by fondero

Hi Im have setup a github page for the DIYers who want to make this.. It has the updated code and schematics.



Do NOT go buy his kit. If you read the website he is not updating anyone anymore, and is not shipping anything.

It seems he over reached and now is ghosting everyone. I hope i am wrong and can delete or update this comment later. At this time though, DO NOT go order his kit.

Otherwise. The case itself is fun to print and looks amazing.

It's a shame this happened. I just looked and lots of people are getting refunds. =/ bummer.

I agree that it sucks for those people who already ordered the kit. I'm sure daftmike feels terrible about this whole situation, but I'm glad that at least we still have access to the print files and video guides. Benmyers' link above helps get us over the finish line. It would be nice to hear from mike on the whole situation, though.

Hi! This is a great project! Any chance of working on a version for old Raspberry pis? I have the first rev B model, and the connectors are a bit different. I don't mind doing the electronics on my own, on a perf board, but the case files for printing are a bit tougher for me..!

There is a piece you have in your Mini NES Build Guide Part 2 that the usb power supply is attached to that i can't find in the files. I'd like to print that because I wont be using the cartridges to load games but purely for resemblance to the origional NES. I dont want to modify my board too much if i can get away with it. Thanks

Hey, i am really interested in printing this, are you changing some files? when do you think its going to be ready? Thank you :)

This looks like this model http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1035878 but made later.

Raspberry Pi B+ Mini Classic NES case.

I printed the top shell with supports and it turned out pretty nice except the outer walls seem to pull apart. There's a small gap between two layers that prevents the outer wall from being solid. I'm not sure why this is.

Here's my setup:
Cube 3rd gen
White PLA
Layer Resolution: 200 Microns
Density Strong
Fill Pattern Diamonds
Supports and Sidewalk Off

It seems like every time I start to make progress to get everything I need to finish this project I hit a wall. Hopefully someone can help me figure out how to correct this problem.

Looks like I'm not going to be able to print this on my Cube 3 3D printer. I contacted my printer's support team and this is what they replied back with.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for contacting 3D Systems!

We regret due to the design of this part, it is not possible to print this as a solid object.
It's down to the density of the wall and the width of each print line.
Unfortunately there is no solution and for now it's something that has to be worked around by adapting the file geometry.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

This saddens me since I bought a 3D printer just for this project.

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how would I use this for a site like shapeways?

do you confirm that 20m per color is enough ? or will it be too tight ? asking because I am about to order the filament and they come by pack of 20m ... so I hope its below 20m :D

When I printed my first case, I ordered Faberdashery's Monotone Mix Pack, this had two 10m sections of each colour and I had to splice them together to print the main pieces.

20m (of 1.75mm dia) is just about enough of each colour to print everything you need once, no mistakes, tangles, jams etc.

I much prefer 3Dprima as you can buy a spool of it and not worry about babysitting the loose filament, if you did go for the Faberdashery stuff maybe get a little more just in case.

How did you write the "Nintendo Entertainment System" onto the case?

Comments deleted.

I had succes with waterslide decal paper for laser printers, see the result here: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:269429

Mini NES Raspberry Pi Case

Awesome build and thank you for posting your files! I printed this out in Advanced PLA. I don't have an enclosure for ABS but wanted something that could handle the higher temps. I printed the top in 3D Fuel APLA battleship gray. A little darker than I would like it to be, but it works. I printed the bottom in Algix3D APLA superb silver. Pretty close match there. Should work nicely for the game cartridges as well. I will keep looking for a lighter gray in APLA or something similar that can handle higher temps. maybe try Colorfabb HT... they have a light and dark gray.

can anyone recommend good filaments for this in the US? preferably ABS

I haven't tried it, but Colorfabb XT has a light gray and dark gray that look close, and the XT apparently has higher temperature resistance than PLA.

i wouldnt mind trying the colorfabb xt but i have a flashforge and cant print temps that high unless i upgrade to an all metal hotend

Thank you thank you thank you! <3

did you heat transfer the logos onto the case or are they stickers?

I was wondering the same thing. The logos look very clean and professional and I was wondering how he did them.

what is the difference between the bottom/top shell with support vs the one without?

will you be uploading the files for the controller? possibly the small one and a bigger sized one?

also the scaled sticker designs would be great too


That's awesome! But I had to scale 1% bigger to fit my Raspberry Pi 3...

I noticed you uploaded the LED cover... I already designed my own :( are you also going to upload the lan port cover? I designed my own of that too, but others might want it

damn! A little bit too big for my M3D printer ;-(

Rats. I was just trying to figure out if it'd work with my M3D. Guess that's an excuse to get something bigger!!

Maybe I will try to cut it in half and glue it back after.... need to find a way to do that....

I feel your pain, I finally grabbed a MonoPrice 3P when it was on special July 4th on Amazon. Still use the M3D for smaller items.

Can you upload stl files with supports already included? It looks like you provided them separately, but we need to put them in ourselves?

Hello ! Sorry but the new files with supports not working on CURA or Meshlab ! only supports are showed !

D'oh... try them now.

I talked too much, I think the media is shifted on the upper part! I had the same problem trying to connect the 2 stl under mashlab!

apologies, should be ok now :/

it made me all the air from perfect this time! I print it by tomorrow night and I hold you updated if I Stand face a problem! thanks again ;)

perfect ! thank you and congratulations for this reactivity!

I've uploaded two versions for the top & bottom shells now, with and without built-in supports.

Ill ask here just because generally less comments on here then youtube... but could you release the original case files? I liked the look of that better. Its more to scale and the bottom piece has those grooves just like the actual nes. Again I know you worked a lot on getting this case to be user friendly so people wouldn't have to do much to set it up. But I'm ok with putting in the extra work to make it look more accurate.

I might eventually but it'd be low priority, tbh the new case is MUCH better than the old one.

Amazing! This is the best NES clone case I have seen so far!
Also I watched the video's since these were going viral, an awesome replication of this retro machine.

I hope you will sell electronic kits with the switches, alternative PSU and more.

I've been following this since I seen it posted it online. As soon as you have your kits available I will be getting one and building this. Thanks for the great project.