Handleggr - Airsoft 40mm blunderbuss

by Snorri Aug 19, 2016
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Mi Granada de 40mm no coge en este diseño

The axis pin connects the body 2 to the hand guard if I am not mistaken? I am just having trouble figuring out that and where the push pin or the model right after the handle in the images above goes. If anyone could help me I would be very grateful. Other than that this model is amazing and I give it two thumbs way up

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Where should the spring go?

there is no spring in this design.

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Well after finding this designer has placed the most restrictive of licencing on his posts, and has issue with anyone he sees printing sliced up mods on forums, Im going to have to avoid his models.

There is a reason there is not a double barrel version of this. Uploading a sliced mod is a violation of his " No Derivatives" clause.

He even thought " No derivatives" meant that the end user of creative commons was not allowed to modify his work in anyway. That somehow he could mandate that we bake this cake exactly as it is downloaded.

" No derivatives " Does prevent / restrict us from uploading our mods to TV, and other host sites.

Effectively stagnating this design.

Good luck printing this everyone. Id like to share my mod, but the uploading party specificly applied his "ND" clause.

So to those who build it:

Trigger too thin and long. Lock and cleat: too light. The pivot for the lock does not fit the HG cavity, and the provided stub for the stock is too generous to go in. Lower handguard is huge- Interior neededs a core cavity. The Action halves can be cored. Everything needed to be optimized to reduce supports. The overall savings of PLA in my slice uses 35% less plastic with improved ridgidity.

A chanel added to spring load the firing pin.
A trigger guard. A proper pistol grip. A vang choke. That rat stock tail bent, reduced and cored (Printable with no supports too), with its mounting box properly sized to slide on.

The trigger housing has indexing feet that do not seat in their cups. the choice to use a Trigger action pin that also holds the shell together. ( I abandoned that fliped the shell half and added CS corner screws.)

Check those Licencing Agreements!

Shut up 0 design guy

Hi man! Do you have the trigger assembly tutorial? Do i need a spring? Thx

Are all the parts dimensions <120mm I have the mp select mini and would not be able to print otherwise

another great design printing now. hoping to use it on Sunday keep up the good work double barrel key lock pick would be good mad bull shells.

Hey, kinda new to this stuff, do you have any instructions for assembly and do you happen to know how many grams of filament you happened to use?

Assembly shouldnt be a problem when you have all the parts printed, send me a message if you still have trouble assembling it once it s printed. And as far as filament is concerned it will depend on your slicer settings, and your slicer should be able to give you a good approximation of how much you need.

Thanks, if i get the time to make it ill definitely let you know how it goes

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Really cool man, what type of 40mm grenade does it use?

Almost any grenade I guess, I use a swiss arms 120 bbs grenade