by muzz64 Aug 20, 2016
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I scaled it up to 50mm diameter and printed two of them. My kids LOVE them.. :)

Dude you make the absolute best stuff. Espacially crocz and bugz lol


...my new Minisaurs (just posted) are pretty cool as well. ..

works perfect - da vinci 1.1. pro

works perfect maker bot mini did a good job keep up the good work!!!

Great to hear... thanks for the feedback!

bottom mouth piece works fine top mouth piece does not move at all will reprint to see if that was the issue

Hopefully your next print works out well... maybe try rotating it 90 degrees before slicing it so you get aa different tool path and / or uniformly scaling it up a fraction. The fact is both halves have the same clearances applied so you shouldn't need to do anything. The biggest concern for anyone with this print is the limited contact patch on the build plate... that means there is potential for the (the internal) parts of the print to move slightly during printing causing it to fuse. Printing it dead centre on the build plate may also help... I know you print lots so I'm sure you will get it sorted.

same thing happened on second print ill try rotating nxt

Hi again... I can't believe it's much at all fusing. All it needs is a fraction.... that you can't get to. The most likely place would be right at the build plate or the top of the V in the mouth. Hopefully your next one is okay...

im trying a thinner layer i was printing at .3 mm now im trying .1 to try to fix the fusing

.1 made it not move at all

Strange indeed... as you can see from my photo's the prints I've done all work fine. Maybe 0.1mm is too fine as it is doing too fine layers and the internal parts are moving too much during the print. Getting this to work does create something quite unique but it is something that requires a really accurate well set up machine and good slicing app... but your earlier ones were half working in each cas so you can't be far off. I have to think the area being fused is minimal but we all know PLA is tough stuff.

As a suggestion print it at 0.20mm... because that is what worked for me. Use 2 shells and 20% infill... so again the same as what I did and make sure you use a Raft with a reasonably large outset to create as good platform to build from as possible. This is all intended to ensure no movement during printing.

The other things you could try (in addition to the above) is scaling it up a fraction so the internal clearances are increased. However, that could be a double edged sword as extra space could also mean extra movement of the internal parts. .

This is very cool once you get it right. I have to say I'm really pleased with what I've got as I get satisfaction out of doing things that leave people amazed at how they can work. This is one of those and, fortunately for me, my MakerBot's deal with it fine.

Anyway, that is about all I can suggest from here...

All the best... and hoping you can get it right soon!

ok ill try .2

That could easily do it... 0.3mm is far courser so hopefully going to 0.20mm will resolve it. I must have printed a dozen now and they are all free. A couple were a bit sticky but never hard to break away.

im printing at .1mm layers not .2

Comments deleted.

well now the top works but the bottom is stuck i opened up the bottom quite a bit and it started to move

Let me say love this and all your designs. Great job, clever designs.
I was looking at this model and the first thing I think: I can't put things in there? I expected to put tictacs or gumballs or coins or something. Seems like you could make the movable mouth parts hollow and have it be a usable container. Maybe even a notch or bump to click it and hold it closed.

Thanks for your comment.. I had thought about making a container (as I've done others recently like my Apple Box amongst others) so it's always in the back of my mind. However, for now the most important thing was to get it to build internally as it does. A container would be easier in some respects as it would be made bigger but it would also create a few other issues I would need to work through as well. We'll see.. thanks again!

Thanks for sharing you very cool designs! I printed many of them & they are the coolset things i ever printed & wow effect for all who see its printing & then moving helps to engage them in technology. You are very talented designer!
I think, that container from that, even if it will be bigger, must be in features!
Good luck!