rfid box for rc522 and arduino nano

by Ifrit70 Aug 20, 2016
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Printed this on my Flashforge Finder. However, the design is too narrow. The length is at least off by 1 mm. The width also needs at least an extra millimeter to accomodate the RC522 boards I have. I tried sanding the edges of the RC522 board and the inner side of the box, but it still won't fit. Would it be possible to share the original design files, so we can make the necessary adjustments.

Does anyone know of a similar design but with a Raspberry Pi Zero instead of Arduino Nano?

Could you please list the wiring pins for the nano to the RC522.

I have this setup with a Micro (Leonardo), but would like to move to a Nano for this nice case.

As said in the description, I strongly suggest to look at Miguelbalboa's work for the arduino programmation (GitHub: https://github.com/miguelbalboa/rfid)
Inside each of his examples you'll find the typical pin layout. Here is the ones for Arduino nano et pro miro:

Nano v3:
RST/Reset -> D9
SPI SS -> D10
SPI SCK -> D13

Pro Micro:
RST/Reset -> RST
SPI SS -> 10
SPI MOSI -> 16
SPI MISO -> 14
SPI SCK -> 15

Have Fun with your RC522.
(By the way: I suggest you to look at pn532 reader. More capacities with a smaller pcb and still bellow $5 )