Colossus Bust (High Res)

by Geoffro Aug 21, 2016
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Awsome model. Any plans on doing his legs as well? that way I could print it as a complete model and use it for tabletop games :)

This is a beautiful model, however it does need supports under the chin & thumbs or they print in mid air

Odd, we've all printed it without supports without issues.

Comments deleted.

Amazing !
How do you make the chin without support ?

You make sure the bottom of the chin does not start printing in mid air, always do a print preview. and if needed re-sculpt to correct.

Thanks, I only asked because your instructions said "No support" and I became curios if I was doing something wrong.
Additionally your license do not allow modifications to change chin

Chin is 90' from neck, increase bridging settings.

what do you increase in the bridge settings?

Geoff - Thank you sooooooooooooooo much - Amazing models as always!!. If you ever feel like modelling Thanos ;-) I would love to see that hehe. Much appreciated!!

hehe.. you will be happy with my next upload then ;)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do the legs too! This is going to be the best Christmas present! I was hoping to expand the size to 2-3 feet tall and printing it at a local shop for my brother.