Chess Set - Voronoi Style

by roman_hegglin Nov 2, 2013
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"If you like chess and voronoi, then this is the right thing for you!"

You had me on this statement. Looks great and Nice work. Will print as soon as i can :)

How did it work out?

I have to try it from a 3rd party print service. Cost is one that is keeping me away from this project.
My target it to assemble a bigger set that can be played in a park or lawn. Will update when I am done

Oh yes, please! That would be awesome!

Hello, someone who has tried can help me with an example of configuration to print?

Thank you very much.

Hey, was anyone able to get all the pieces in the same file to print out in one go? If so what program can do that?

Those looks beautiful on pictures. Definitively will try to print them! Amazing job! Thank you for make them.

How should I print the rook? Very nice looking set, by the way.

FYI these cannot be printed in Simplyfy3D, the top 70-90% is missing.

Congrats! I thought you model was one of the best choices for a 3D Printed Christmas gift! I made a link from here: http://3dprintingninja.blogspot.com/2014/12/top-20-free-3d-printed-christmas-gifts.html

Can you post a flat bottom king? You have 2 flat bottom knights instead.

Thank you. You are right about that. Sorry.
I deleted the second knight and uploaded the king.

What program did you use to create the holes?

I already covered that question here:
Sadly, there is no simple "Klick and go", but a lo of small steps to do.

Squirrel - Voronoi-Style

Can you post a flat bottom King?

Voronoi Chess Set
3xM10: Voronoi Chess Set with inlets for 3 x M10 Nuts
3xM8: Voronoi Chess Set with inlets for 3 x M8 Nuts
M10: Voronoi Chess Set with inlets for M10 Nuts

fantastic work !

Beautiful! Can you share how you went about the Voronoi?

I covered that question here:
Sadly, there is no simple "Klick and go", but a lo of small steps to do.

Squirrel - Voronoi-Style

Great! The figures need to have some weight at the bottom. Can you add a slot near the bottom to insert something? Maybe two or three stacked washers?

I just added a handful of pennies (18, to be exact) to each once the walls were high enough to contain them. The only one I've had issues with is the knight (since the nose starts out lower than the neck . . . making the printer print into thin air), reprinting on his side with a raft now. We'll see how it goes.

Good idea. Were you able to print the knight?

Yes. I printed the knight by lying him on his back with his nose in the air and a raft. Unfortunately I couldn't print the rook this way, though. I can't tilt him by an increment less than 1%, and with one he has the base touching and one with the top touching . . . but never both at the same time. I ended up having to print him with supports and then carefully cutting them all out.

I didn't have to pause the printer to add the pennies. I was printing a minimum of two pieces at a time (9 at one point), so I'd just slip the pennies in after the print head would move to another piece. This way I didn't need the flat bottom, they had enough weight that they are stable with the current one.

I have just added the figures with a flat bottom.

Yes, you are right, the bottom is not flat and the figures fall off easy. I will make a new set with a flat bottom.

Pause the print, drop a quarter in each one, resume the print :-)

Good idea! Or insert some nuts in there as weight.