Tiger 1 Tank Sized for Memoir '44

by rbross Oct 28, 2013
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Does the print work better with the vertical of horizontal printing? Also, thanks for shrinking it. :-) I need little models of tanks for the kid's games.

I think vertical is the way to go. I printed (slowly) in ABS with my printer open to allow it to cool nicely.

Very true, vertical is the way to go! I printed one horizontally and then vertically. The print on the barrel looked great with the vertical print and saggy on the horizontal print. I used PET filament. I will post photos comparing in a bit.

BTW, I really like that you added the supports. I was able to snip them away with wire clippers and it pretty much looks perfect.

Excellent! The supports were not my idea -- the original model had them too -- so I don't deserve the credit for that :). Glad you like the model and that it printed well for you! I look forward to seeing the print when you have time.

Thanks! Henrik Bjorkman really deserves the credit; he did the original model that I remixed to be tiny. Glad you're enjoying the model!

this looks very awesome! my Rostock Max delta printer is building one right now, 1,5x scale, 0,2mm layer height in silvergrey PLA.
I'll upload a photo as soon as i got it painted with Revell model paint.


I just printed one of these little guys. They are great! I will post a picture once I get it painted up. Thanks!