SMOKESNAP FLEX - 7 Cigarette Case

by 3DBROOKLYN Oct 29, 2013
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This is'nt compatible with french Bic lighter

PLA 0.3
20% infill
no support
Printed multiple times, every time t broke at 46 minutes. I would suggest pausing at 44 minutes and taping the Push part at the back to the body and remove the tape when print is complete.

PLA setting on cura anyone?

Do you have a "thick" version? I think the walls are way too thin..

Has anyone made this current version successfully with PLA? Care to share your settings? My walls keep coming out too thin and I don't see a "thick" version as mentioned in some of the other comments. I have tried a few versions of this things with no luck :(

Yes I have made one with pla but the support inside makes it hard to use and removel was really hard broke the tab to push out the cigarettes

How did you solve it? Me too :(

great design! and thank you! made 1 for me and my girlfriend :)

your old one was better. dont like this one. good thing i have a copy of your old one

Awesome.. Great design. Can you make a longer one for 100s cigarettes like the ones marlboro has. Thanks

Hi all, what's the recent updates? How is this printing these days and what's the recommended settings for ABS?

Will this hold a king size cigarette?

lol broke the push thing

The poly count on this is seriously out of control.

Is the file I just uploaded any better? Thank you. Not sure why this file causes so many problems for everyone else

Printed this, and it came out well. I printed the thick version.
I kind of wish you guys had a verison of this without your logo on it...I mean, im all for giving credit if someone asks me, but Id rather put my own logo on there.

Awesome, glad it came out and thanks for sharing! And sorry, I understand but I'm sure you do too. You could edit it out of the STL or use some good ol' sand paper, just don't tell me ;)

Printing the thick one. Mine appears to be printing without the hinge on the back at all?

EDIT Nevermind...I see what its doing here.

any chance of getting the project files so I could edit/remix it?

Printing this to hold fire starting material in my survival kits...

Might make a remix for a mini lighter and rollies :P

would love to see it! i actually have made one for a mini bic, and it holds 10-11 rollies vs 7 on this one. I've never updated the file and have been putting my attention to this one so it might not print perfectly. the file is here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:97416http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...


wow thank you so much 3DBrooklyn for the updated designs! Will print the thick one and let you know how it goes. Great works and thanks again

printed it, worked great! Much better with the thicker walls, thanks again!

Just a quick question, what infill,shell. and thickness did you use? thanks

sweet! so glad to hear. please post a picture if you can

There's only one file here, is the thickened wall file elsewhere?

Sorry, I have updated the files once again, there is now a Thick and Thin version. Please let me know how they work for you!

Sucessful print using "SMOKESNAP_flex_thick_wall_ADJ.stl" Outer walls are still somewhat thin. Fixed dimensions for a snug lighter fit and adjusted height to be equal to the BIC Lighter. Printed on Makerbot Replicator 2 (5th Gen) using 100% infill @ 0.20mm layer height and 2 shells with the following dimensions: X=46.61mm, Y=23.98mm, Z=81.25mm
These dimensions allow for a much more snug fit. The original print wouldn't even grab my lighter and it kept falling out all the time.

Thanks for all the info! I've updated the files once again and hopefully fixed the lighter fit. Please let me know if it works out for you!

Love this but i must say the clip on the back is hella weak. It'd be great to see a version without the clip and maybe adjust the size to 99% so the lighter is snug. Great Work THO!

maybe because im using PLA? just a thought

thanks! but sorry to hear it isn't working right. i think my printer prints slightly thicker than most so i have made up for it. did you download the file that says 'thick wall adj' ? Hopefully the lighter will fit correctly with this as well

Walls are ridiculously thin. The print messes up halfway through.

did you use the "SMOKESNAP_flex_thick_wall_ADJ.stl" file?

these are great, printed very well with a makerbot 2. Made one for a secret santa reddit gift! =D

awesome!! so glad to hear. which file did you use?

would be nice if the base was not raised and the walls were a bit thicker

agreed, i finally got around to these changes, the new file is uploaded now as 'smokesnap flex thick wall'

Printed this but did not turn out good, wall thickness is too little. I tried the older version about a month ago, same thing. Prints too thin and full of holes/gaps. Bummer :(

sorry to hear. i just uploaded a new one with thicker walls, please let me know if it works (or doesn't)

Awesome I will, thank you.