by muzz64 Aug 26, 2016
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Awesome device- cute and useful. Also, one of the more amazing things we have printed. My daughter and I are amazed that we were able to essentially print a little machine with moving parts in one print. Thanks!

Pleased you like them!

Absolutely fantastic. Printed on my Dremel 3D45 in PLA no problem. The design is amazing how the printer is able to print such complex interconnections and holes without fusing!

But I have to say - great design work. Simple, beautiful, practical and yet such a holey complex design.


First off love your designs have been printing them all day. Second, my piranha's teeth are stuck together and will not separate. I can not open its mouth at all. Any ideas?

My fix is to enable Shell > Outer before inner walls on my slicer.

I've got the same issue. My machine is ender3 and I use cura 4.2.1. After trial and error a lot on the setting, I successfully solved it.

Thanks for your message and I'm pleased you like my designs.

With regards to the Pirhanaz the simple solution is to uniformly scale iit up by 10-15% as that will increase the clearances so should print with the jaws free to move.

The bottom line is that not all slicing apps aee as precise as others or machines as accurate as others. Either or both could be the problem.

Another thing you can try is rotating the model 45 or 90 degrees before slicing it as that may force the app to see it differently so the clearances will be altered and the tool path will differ.

I hope this helps

Very nice model, thank you! I have printed this on an Ender 3 with 50% infill as a test and also as the first printed object for me, ever. It tured out very well, the jaws were not fused at all. My 3 year old daughter claimed ownership 2s after it came off the print bed.

Also, the very short pice of filament supplied with the printer was more then enough to make itt.

Great model, I just had one problem. I printed it with PLA 50% infill on a heated glass bed and the jaws at the bottom layer merged so i had to force them open with a knife which did a bit of damage to the jaws, but the clip still seems to work. Any advice to avoid this problem?

A couple of suggestions....

Use a raft so the base of the model doesn't print on the heated build plate

Reduce the build plate temperature as PLA softens at a low temperature

I hope this helps!

I love your models, they are fantastic. Great designs, printed just fine. Great, cute thing to print and show off a printer. Thanks!

Thanks for your positive comments... much appreciated!

could you please tell me how to make it?

Can we also get the source for this model? I'd like to experiment a bit with a little chamfer etc :)

This was designed in Rhino so you would need to have that to edit this. I can save it as a step or iges as well but, not knowing exactly what your idea is... but in all honesty, trying to edit chamfers of a completed file like this could result in all sorts of issues unless you were very careful. And, I'm not sure what that would achieve...

Nah, never mind then, I was hoping it would be something I could handle easily in either openscad or fusion 360 :)
Thanks for making the model though, printed one earlier today, I'll upload my make in a minute :)

a great print for my brother absolutely fab and he really enjoyed playing with it i will defiantly recommend this print but you might need a bit of oil and to free up the jaws

printed really well with a fill density of 90% and a 0.2mm layer height.

A beautiful achievement! Congratulations and thank you for sharing

Thanks for the feedback... always pleased to hear people like my designz!

HI. What material are you using to print this? I am using PLA and although it prints well, the spring action is very weak so it does not hold anything. I've tried it on two printers with different settings and filaments. Any suggestions?

Prints in PLA should be fine but you need high infill. Filament brands also seem to make a difference... and no machine or slicing app works the same as another. I must have printed 100+ of these on my MakerBots and they are all reasonably springy with an okay bite. Having said that a PLA 3D print will only ever be reasonable... not fantastic. That is a material limitation. Another thing that may help is, if you can in your slicing app, change the infill pattern to linear.

I hope this helps. ..

I tried printing this and when I tried using it on a chip bag it just fell off.

Sorry to hear the Piranhaz didn't clip/bite on as expected. As the images show (including lots of other members photos) when well printed they do make great little pegs / clips. However, unfortunately not all printers or slicing apps can deal with small things and fine tolerances as well as others. That could well be the case here... other possibilities are that you didn't follow the instructions provided as you must use higher infill and shells than usual. This is what gives it adequate strength. Under extrusion (not enough filament being supplied due to slicing app settings or a machine issue) will also make prints weak.

Hopefully these suggestions help. As already mentioned and you can see in the images they do function well when printed well...

I think you should do a Dogz.

Thanks for your suggestion.. I already have a 'dog with a bone' posted but that is a static thing that doesn't bite. I have thought about out adding a biting dog at some stage.... Unfortunately it all comes down to time and creating a variety of things. It is on my to make list.... thanks KS again for your comment.

I might create one myself, but I don't want to step on your toes with your series. Perhaps I can do some design on it someday and test it myself and not post it on Thingiverse.

Awesome design! I made small changes to better meet my printer. By using a round section instead of rectangular pylons, my printer print better without bridges. Here my make: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:262282
@muzz64, if you agree I can publish my remix.

by liftbag

Surprised the rounded edges print better as the flat sides used in the original design ensure these parts stick to the build plate so build well... however if it works for you and you're happy with the result that's the main thing

I have some minor issues with squared pilons. When the printer start to build them without bridge, some extruded material fall down. As a result, the movement is not smooth and I feels some small impediment. With cylindrical pillars I always get the best results. The rounded corners are just a cosmetic change.

I love these things! They're quick, easy, simple, and impressive when shown to friends. I print them at 20% infill in ABS and use them all over. What program did you use to design them?

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Not sure if I understand... you should not use any support with these designs as per the instructions

I did not need any supports, printed well :)

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love your stuff my fave keep doing good!!!

Thanks for the feedback... much appreciated. Having enough time is the biggest challenge!

No problem! The pac-man is my favorite right now!

Definitely you are an artist
well done again

im gonna try printing one 200% bigger than the original file

so cool hopefully i dont have as much trouble as i did with the pac man design