Logitech C270 Wanhao Prusa i3 Bed Mount

by chanders Aug 24, 2016
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Will this really print without supports in the default orientation?

wont this bend/become mailable when heated bed is at 100°C?

Compatible with c310?

I tried this on my C310 and it works.

Missing parts are here. Like the add on. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1228521

Logitech C270 tripod
by luc_e

What part goes into the two rectangular holes on the bed clip (the first arm)?

would this work for the c920

This is missing some files, do you still have them?

Is the video from the c270 or a GoPro I saw you have the same videos up for both mounts.

What settings are you using for your camera? Using this clip, the camera's view is way too close (doesn't see the front half of the bed). TIA!

If you use the stock cooler setup, consider extending the base in the Y-direction so that it doesn't bump into the fan. I might make a remix extending it about 30mm

Here's a link to my remix that has 2 additional slots added.


C270 Bed Clip for Malyan M150
by Nayen

Where is the rest of it, all that is in the download is the part that connects to the bed. Where is the arm that attaches like in the photo?

Hey, what screws and nuts do the arms use? Size and Length.

Worth noting that I think the inner height (that matches bed thickness) is assuming it has Buildtak on there. It was pretty loose for me on the bare aluminum bed (since I have a glass plate on top of it and aluminum edge is exposed).

Thanks for the upload!

Same here, did you come up with a solution? And there are no holes on the other side of the part that goes on the bed so I am not sure how you are supposed to use m3 screws and nuts to attache it,

The original design ment for a lock-nut to be placed in the mouth of the clip, then a screw/bolt to go in from the bottom. I've done a remix that fits my Malyan M150's aluminum plate perfectly w/ my printer setup, and I can post it later today or tomorrow if you're still interested.

Yes please do. Thanks.

Sorry for the wait, It's been a busy weekend filled with frozen pipes, flood warnings, and mountains of snow. >.>


C270 Bed Clip for Malyan M150
by Nayen

Where did you get the y idlier holder file? Link?

Totally love this. Where are the rest of the parts? this is exactly what I have been looking for.

Hey! Its a remix so if you look on the right hand side of the page you'll see a link to the rest. Please post pics when you make one!