Companion Cube - modular, snap-together, colorized

by Ellindsey Oct 31, 2013
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Are there any supports needed for printing the parts?

You, Sir, are a genius. Great design.

Worked great! Love it!

Very good design! Fun to build.

I had to add a brim to most of the parts but i think it's the cheap PLA i used to print it.

Next: Will try to print it in 200pct and post my make :)

This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: 'HUGE SUCCESS!'

This is fantastic. Really nice work. The design and assembly that you created here are wonderful. I'm going to print it as soon as I can.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. This was a fun project to design.

Brilliant and awesome design! All parts fit perfectly together and it looks amazing! Thanks!

GUYS, Im havin problem with the last step of the final assembly.

maybe someone can help me.

when Im joining the last face with the full other assembly, I put the corners inside but the last corner don't fit
after putting the others.. I've also tried to put the full face at the same time but it doesnt work...

amazing job btw Ellindsey

Lovely print!

Has anyone been able to get it to print with all parts holding snug and not loose? Everything sits loose and rattles. The prusa i3 mk2 does print everything to exact size and doesn't oversize by 0.2 on nearly everything like lots of printers do that might be why. Assembly was not hard either like some have described.

EDIT: Using the "horizontal size compensation" setting in simplify3d I set it to oversize parts by 0.1mm which worked perfectly. Not too hard to assemble, and still really strong and sturdy. +0.2mm compensation was too much, 0 was too little, +0.1mm is perfect.

Thanks for the beautiful design! Definitely goes into the favorite prints folder

currently printing this on the i3 mk3 same results I believe this is a problem with the models and not our printers.

I made one and it is my favorite print ever after 2 years. I used Dremel race car red, dremel silver, and solutech white

Made a new middle for it, its in the remixes :D

I can't imagine the work that went into this. This is awesome!

Holy christ this destroyed my thumbs. The designer is a masochist, but also brilliant. Great design!

Know the feeling, totally worth it!

Just got done snapping this together - outstanding design! Can already tell I will making more of them...
P.S. Just put one together printed at 200% and it looks awesome :-)

Staggering bit of engineering, excellent work.

Really nice design. I printed all my white parts with ABS and the gray and pink with PLA. snap together perfectly!

Funny. Just bought White, Gray, and Pink PLA.


Holy cow that is impressive engineering right there.

very nice work on the model

I printed it on a mbot 3D printer with the following settings:

  • ABS
  • 240° Celsius
  • 0,2mm resolution
  • 10% Infill
  • Blue Tape with a Aceton/ABS Solution as a base
  • no Heatbed
    The result is absolutely astonishing, rarely had such a good result without tweaking anything. Excellent job Ellindsey.

I am printing it now with scale x3.
so i want a really big one.
if it works fine, i want to print it with x5 or x7.
depends on what size my printer can do.
i want to have a cube in original size.
may be 50x50x50 cm.
or bigger....

10 days for this "small" Cube :-(

I Just finished printing mine at 300% size.
Took a few days and only had one part fail.
It's between 150.7mm-154.1mm, there's a lot of space between the parts at this size.
I'd considered printing it at 700% size, but it'd take a month to print all the parts, and the tolerance between the parts just wasn't meant for that size, I doubt it'd even stay together.
I'm content with my 2 inch and 6 inch companion cube.

I was once asked, can you 3D print a Rubiks Cube? I said, Why the hell not???

This is a great model and went together really well - thanks for the great design!

I put a review of the print and assembly on my website at http://soldersuckerblog.com/home/random-ramblings/halflifecompanioncube

Thanks again!

This is a FANTASTIC design.
Just finished snapping together. Printed at .2mm in ABS at 1.25 scale. It is the same size as a rubix cube.

It's beautiful and I love it. Everything snapped together very well, except for the white faces which just fall off. Printed in 100% scale, PLA, 0.1mm, with the Ultimaker 2.

Just printed one @150% PLA on a Replicator 2. Snapping it together was a bit of work, but it's super solid now. It's a bit more than 3"

I tried to print this in ABS, but the pieces don't "snap together" and I already broke a few just trying to make them fit. Anyone had any luck with ABS?

This is seriously amazing and exactly what I was hoping someone would do as I was browsing the companion cubes on there. Well done!!

What I'm looking at here will be the greatest companion cube that can be printed. I'm going to wait for your update to begin printing a max size one but this looks awesome, thanks for the great work!

Updated parts are posted now!