Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Kress 1050 Tool Mount and Dust Shoe for the MPCNC v1.1

by thejojk Aug 25, 2016
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Awesome Design!
I would like to modify this for the Kress 800. It looks like you designed this in Fusion 360. Could you upload your design files so that I can remix it for that model?

There is a new model that should fit kress800 (have not tried) that is simpler and uses less filament...

Kress 1050 Tool Mount & Dust Shoe v2 (MPCNC)
by thejojk

that`s a very big tool, but how to print? I try, but the bottom of the printing parts is so small. The printing parts are not strong enough on the bed and they fall down after 20% of printing. What is the reason, that those parts are standing on that small bottom?
Thank you very much - Gerd Jaeger

Have you put the biggest part downwards? You have to turn the models with the biggest flat end downwards

Nice design, I will try and print this tomorrow.

Do you have any experience with how it handles the heat from the spindle ?
-I only have PLA and PET at hand.

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I printed mine in petg and have had no problem

Comments deleted.

Printed it for my Kress 1050 FME-P and it fits Perfect

Thank you

Glad to hear! Sooo nice with positive feedback :)

Where did you buy the magnets?

Thnx had a order ready there to go so added that one!

Does it fit the fme 800? Seems to be the bedt tool holder available but I m not sure how it will fit.

I only have the Kress 1050 so I can´t tell - When I check drawings of the different models the 800 is shorter, but can't tell. The most critical part is the lock button and the power button. You´ll have to try... Please tell me if it fit or not so I can update the description.

Ok, thanks for the info I will try and print one next week and give you feedback on that.

I was unable to print the tool holder as I´ve got only 100mm in Z is there any chance to make it a bit more compact in that direction. With meshlab etc I can only cut it away to around 130mm. That would be awesome for the smaller printers.

What you could try is to cut the part just over the second hole where the upper part starts too gets bigger. Then to make it easy to print the upper part you need to cut the upper hole away to get a bigger flat side to put on the print bed. This could work, but I can´t guarantee since I have not tried it myself.

I already tried that with meshmixer and it is possible but I don´t want to cripple your design. Would be cleaner if you could make an official lower version. If not I have to live with that. A step file would be nice so I can add a small platform for my endstop or things like that. If you don´t mind. :)

Hey thejojk, thanks for the great mount!

My part was slightly depressing the spindle lock button and I had to file away some of the vertical wall there where it's positioned to stop that from happening. The button is very sensitive, even a slight depression puts friction on the spindle and causes it to not turn freely.

A slight indentation where the button is would be good. If it won't affect the strength of the part, a slight indentation from the side would also help to press the button a little easier.

Other than that I think this works great. My part was probably 2-3% smaller, as some of the holes didn't line up perfectly (and could also account for the button issue), but it wasn't enough to cause it not to fit.

Thanks for your feedback! I don´t have this problem myself, but it may print a little different on different printers.
In what way does the mount press on the button? From inside or from the bottom?

From the inside! The "ridge" formed by the surface with the screw holes and the adjacent surface pushed on the button. So just kinda flattening it a little where the button is would suffice.

Thanks for the input - Mount is updated to version 1.1 with more space around Kress lock button