Cyclone Dust Separator

by lolsborn Aug 25, 2016
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Hello, the stl files have incorrect sizes. U can upload with the correct sizes?

What is the internal diameter of the openings for the hoses? My vac has a 2.5" hose and I could not find any adapters at the hardware store that would provide a proper fit. I'm assuming the hoses are secured via friction-fit.

It is friction fit. You may have to design / print your own adapter to fit.

I printed this scaled to 25x and am not sure where to get fittings to get it working with my ridgid shop vac. HD didn't have any extra fitting adapters either. What or where are you guys getting fittings to get this to work?

I was browsing things and came accross this dust separator.
I'm not sure to understand how that works.
Does the dust stays in the bucket and the rest goes to the vac or is it the opposite ?

What is the separation limit ?

It causes the air entering the cone to spin around like a cyclone. This causes any particles to be slung against the walls of the separator and fall into the bucket. Generally the bigger the particle the easier it is to filter out because it has more mass. Ideally all of the matter ends up in your bucket and not the shopvac. If you are vacuuming up really small particles like sawdust it will save you a lot of $$ by not clogging up your filters causing them to need frequent replacement.

HI lolsborn, I was also designing one of these in fusion 360, but then did a quick search here and found your design. Could you upload the fusion 360 file so that I can adjust some of the sizes?

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Fine dust still gets into my shopvac. Any way to minimize this? otherwise, it works pretty good!

After making one of these? That is exactly what this is for.

One thing that occurred to me that is not part of the print or instructions is that the tube from the vaccum needs to extend about 3-3.5 inches into the top of the cyclone. It needs to be lower than the inlet.

The parts are apparently exported with imperial units (inches) and not mm and some slicers don't seem to detect / scale them so you may need to scale accordingly.

What is the dimensions (scales) of this? The STL files, when brought into my slicer had really tiny parts.

i scaled it 25X on cura

Pretty much what I did too.

model still small enough to be a, well, model. What was the intended size?

Hi i downloaded all, but the Parts are very small......

scale it to 25X on Cura

Hej, this look great. Does it also seperate Liquids? So could it be possible to use it with a normal home vac-cleaner?

I've put probably 25 gallons of wood shavings through it already and there is probably only a teaspoon or so of dust in my vac, but I have not tried it with liquid very much. I spilled a couple tablespoons of water in the garage the other day and that vacuumed up just fine, but I couldn't tell you how much of it went into the bucket vs the shop vac.

I think the STL may have shrunk. The body appears to be 3/16 inch diameter.

Looks like the part was exported using inches as units instead of mm which is what most slicers expect. I'll take a look at it tonight or tomorrow and see if I can export it in mm.

What is the size of the OD on this? Wondering if I can print on my Prusa I3 8x8x8?