Apple Watch + iPhone Stand + AirPods Charger with Watchband Storage

by malencar Aug 25, 2016
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Can someone get me a 2 part print for the base since my printer can't print it as a whole. Thanks if anyone can do this for me!

Hi, I love your design, could you give me the editable files? thank you very much

Can you make it so that you can charge an iphone with a wallet case also? =) so i dont have to take the wallet case off =D

I've printed out the main body but I'm having trouble getting the watch charger to fit. The puck itself will fit, and the wire will fit in the notch made for it, but right where the wire connects to the puck there is a kind of sleeve that makes the wire too thick to fit in the notch for the wire. I'm not sure how this hasn't been a problem for others. Is my charger cord slightly different in having this sleeve? Is this a tweek Apple made since this stand design was originally created?

I am having the same problem! Help!

In further exploring it, it seems like I can make that extra sleeve fit in the notch, it's just veeeeeery tight!

I'm printing the spacer for the phone charger now, then I will see if I can make it all work.

Added a remix of the AirPods base thats slightly taller to not put stress on the cord.

Hi mate, do you have the remix file for the extended height of the AirPods base please?

Its already uploaded to this build under Remixes unless you are asking for something else?

yeah got it... thanks so much for you upload and design..... trying it tonight!

So when doing the AirPods part, I found that when the round clip is all the way in, there is still a part of the wire that you can’t bend into the groove... this makes the bottom of the print not flat anymore, and the AirPod doesnt sit in the holder... Is there something wrong on my end or if it is the Print file can you please fix?

IDEM ho la coda dello spinotto che sporge e le airpods non si collocano bene all'interno del supporto! :(

Mine does the same thing. I was hoping to edit the file to make it slightly taller but haven't gotten around to it. Might work on it tonight and post as a remix if it works.

If the base was large enough to put a small Powered USB hub inside...

Do you need supports while printing every single file? Supports everywhere or just touching the bed? Thank you. Great design.

HI, this is a great design. Thank you. I'm wondering if you have a optimum orientation for printing with minimum supports or what support settings you use please. (I have S3d)
Many thanks. xRJ

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what are the different plugs for

Description Says: "The lightning cable is inserted first (from the bottom) and held in place by a clip. There are three different lightning cable clip sizes to accommodate both naked iPhones and those in cases."

It´s a real great design,
it´s wonderful to have a station for all three objects.
Thank You for this wonderful Idea.

Glad you like it!

Great design, unfortunately my watch strap is a little wider than the space allows and it doesn't all fit nicely :(


Great Design. Can you maybe share the .iges file, to make a remix out of it?



Hey great design, exactly what I have been looking for! I don't own a printer so I was going to use Staples printing service, do I us MM or CM for the design?

Thank you!
You should use MM.

Cheers and good luck!

Is there a way to buy this already printed? I don't have a 3D printer...

First, I want to say this is the best looking and most thought-out design for an iPhone, iWatch and AirPod combination.

Second, I did print this model with hope it would work for my wife's Apple items and mine. I have the iPhone 6s Plus and my wife has the iPhone 7 Plus. We both have a case on our phone which appears to be the biggest concern for most people...rightfully a concern. We have the Otterbox Defender and Otterbox Commuter iPhone cases. With our iPhones encased in these phone cases, neither of our iPhones will fit in this model. Sadly, this fit issue will extend to many other cell phone cases.

Third, regardless of what version of iPhone (i.e., iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, or 7 Plus) is used with this model, the lack of space between the iPhone and the model's backplate will not accommodate most protective phone cases. This finding is based on removing my iPhone from its case and connecting/seating it to the model's micro USB connector. It may be possible for an extremely thin phone case design to accommodate this mode but as it is now, most cell phone cases will not.

Fourth, many phone cases like the Otterbox series have a small folding tab at the bottom of the case which serves to protect the micro USB port/connector. To charge a phone with this type of case, based upon the case design the tab must be folded to either the front or back of the phone case before it can be seated on the model. The Otterbox Commuter's micro USB tab folds to the rear which makes it impossible to seat/connect to the model for two reasons: the phone case is already too thick for the phone to seat on the model and the addition of a micro USB protective tab only adds to the impossibility to properly seat a cell phone. Note: A groove down the center of the model's back-plate to slide the protective tab down as you seat a phone would aid in accommodating such cell phone case designs.

Lastly, many cell phone cases are thick by design to protect phones from damage. Similar to the Otterbox Defender, the distance between the tip of a micro USB connector mounted in this model and the phone's charge port is too great to make a positive connection due to the thickness of a phone case between the bottom of a phone and the model. The micro USB connector on the charge cable would need to be raised significantly in this model to make positive connection for charging. However, security and stability of the connector would need to be addressed if it were raised.

I truly like this model and believe it can easily become the best design seen to date...once it is redesigned or remixed. Unless you are using an iPhone without a case or have an extremely thin case without a rear folding micro USB protective tab, I would recommend waiting to print this model until a redesign or remix is provided.

I have a thick wallet case, I just turn the phone around. It's nice not seeing the alerts that pop up in the middle of the night. I'm getting much better sleep.
I supposed it could be modified to have small, medium, large inserts for the back of the phone to rest against. That would eat into the watch band holder. I use it for my pens so it would hold less of those too.

FYI looks like someone is selling prints of this on Amazon, without attribution no less.


Also, wow what a fantastic job you did with this! MAD props.

Thanks for letting me know! Does anybody know what I could do to stop them?

I reported the listing to Amazon - you should as well, Go to Amazon's Seller Central and find 'help' and you can report item violations.

You licensed under CC - Attribution so all the seller actually needs to do is credit you here, technically, but that's not even happening.

Awesome model. I work for a library and we printed it. Printed without supports. Used supports for base though. Cant speak for how well the charger fit but seems like it would. Ulimaker 2+. 0.2mm layers. Blue glow in the dark PLA.

Does this design only work certain phones? I have an iPhones 7+ I'd like to print this out for.

Any iPhone, most cases. I have a 7 Plus myself

Great, thanks!

Hi, I've just printed one out now! This is a dream come true. Fantastic design!!!
But I'm having trouble with assembling it... How do I fit the iPhone charger with the clip? Am I stupid or what?
Video please?

I don't think your stupid either

Haha, thank you :)

It isn't very straightforward so no, you're not stupid :-)
iPhone lightning connector goes through the large hole on the bottom of the base and through the hole where it's supposed to be, from the bottom. The clip is inserted through the front opening for the apple watch charging puck, before you insert the puck. The clip is what holds the lightning cable in place and stops it from sliding down when docking the phone. I'll try to do a video tomorrow if I have the time. Good luck!

Thank you so much, hopefully you'll have time for a tutorial video :)

I have an iPhone without a case. Which size plug file would I need?

The smallest, flat one. Enjoy!

Crazy idea here. But could this be used as a car cup holder stand and ignore the apple watch feature? 3" dis. Russ

Great design, thanks Malencar!

My print was a little tough though, as everything seemed a little too small so tooka lot of filing to get the lightning and watch charger to fit. Also the base needed a lot of sanding to get it on. I suspect this is all fine for a really good hi res print, but it would be nice if there was a lower tolerance version where any non critical sizes left a bit more slack.

Still great though- Thanks!

Printed the main body yesterday and the lighting adapter does not fit the hole. It's too small. (Will have to sand it or cut some plastic to make it fit) The Watch fits perfect. Will print the base today.

Great design but as far as I can see the base is reversed so will not fit unless you cut the little key off and then the recess for the cable is miss-aligned.

I also have a problem with the base.

It has to be a problem with your printing settings as I have printed multiple versions of it successfully and so have many other people here. The tolerances were tight in the first version but I have fixed that in the current one posted here.

The base is reversed so that the "knob" won't fit. Don't know if you understand because of my poor English.
It's not biggie I'm going to remove the "knob" so it'll fit. But it'll be nice if you "FIX" it so the next time someone prints it it'll fit,




The "knob" doesn't go into the hole at the back - it goes into one of the sliding slots. I found it hard to clean out enough of the supports in order to slide it into place all the way.

That's probably something with your slicer. I've printed 3 of them already and they all work great. Other people here also successfully printed it as is and it worked.

This is the sort of design that makes me regret buying a stand-dock combo couple months ago. Awesome design!

Thanks! I bought one myself before creating this one, which I've been using—and loving it— for months. Enjoy!

I really love this design! Very elegant, compact, and straightforward.