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by elkayem Aug 26, 2016
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Is there a list somewhere of how many of each part to print? It appears there are 6 clips total, but it looks like 2 are side edges and 2 top edges, with 2 just called 'clips'? Or am I not understanding the description?? Thanks.

if you print at 100% are the thin panels on the top and bottom in front 1 5/8"

Could the parts be scaled up (in S3d for example) to fit 5mm board/plexi? in the UK its hard to find that size.

Yes. This design fits a sheet width of 2.36mm, so would need to be scaled up by 2.12X. All slicers (Cura, S3D, etc) should be able to do this. You'll also need a bigger pin for the door hinge. Alternatively, I did provide the Sketchup files, so the parts could be redesigned to suit your needs.

I have no luck printing the top corners.
How did you positioned it on the bed without the need of support material?

You need to use support material to print the corners. The support material can easily be removed with needle nose pliers.

Hello! Great work! A quick comment to let you know that the "Top" and "Side edges seems to have errors when opened. I had to remake them from the pictures...

What tool are you using to open the STL files? I have no problem opening them up and slicing in Cura. I've also tried a number of other programs (e.g., SketchUp) and have encountered no problems opening these STL files.

Good to know. Tinkercad must be treating STL files a little differently than other software. Most users should be fine with standard slicer software to generate the 3D printer gcode (I use Cura), but I'll keep an eye on the comments to see if anyone else in the community is having issues.

Great job, does it also reduce the noise?

I did not notice any noise reduction. However, it does help with heat retention, especially right now in the middle of winter.

Thank you for this. I love how mine turned out.

Glad you liked it! I'll need to add LED lighting like yours now.

Nice work!
I will have to make this design for my Bot Farm.