Centre (Center) Release Buckle

by CorrugatorSupercilii Aug 26, 2016
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Printed pretty nice, thanks! Used PETG and 0.3mm layer height and something like 10-15% infill. (Yes, I like my prints to go quickly :D) Took under an hour for both pieces.

Worked nice right off the bed - had to widen the slots a bit with a deburring tool to get the webbing (on a backpack) through the clip. We'll see about durability, but the design gives me more confidence than the complicated side-squeeze designs on here.

One tip: especially in black, it can be hard to see which side is the one to push on. Glitter nail polish works well, at least on PETG, to mark the push side :)

Printed a pair with 0.25mm layer height / 40% infill. It took about one hour. I just sanded the button 30 seconds a little bit more round edge. These things can't take 3 and half hours! :) . A tip: Use Static Layer Height Table (Slic3r). 0.25 -> 0.15.

The Center Release Buckle is working very well! (ABS).

Thank you for this beautifully designed thing. It prints perfectly without supports and works well; I used PETg for good flexibility and long life.

Hi CorrugatorSupercilii,

nice Design! Can you share the original CAD file you used to make this STL export ?

Best regards,


Rule number one, you yourself have to start sharing first, looks like you're account bot


interesting policy. I don't have anything to share on this platform for the moment, so I guess I will pass out...

Thanks for your reply.

hmm.. what other platform do you use?

It's not policy, more like paying it forward. As the saying goes the more we share the more we have. Like it or not.

I just prefer if I do so, others play the game too.

Well actually I don't have any 3D model to share, that's why I haven't any on thingiverse. Nonetheless, I am quite active in the open source hardware community. I am coordinating an international research project on open source hardware, you can have a look at it at http://opensourcedesign.cc. I have some projects on GitHub like a documentation project aiming at describing best practices of open source mechanical hardware (see: https://github.com/jbon/Best-Practices-of-Open-Source-Mechanical-Hardware and feel free to participate) or an open source redesign project witht the company Raidlight (https://github.com/Raidlight/Projet-Pilote-Open-Source). All these contents are open source according to the OSHWA definition.

Fine... The dumb solids (STEP file) are uploaded, these are easy to manipulate on Fusion360, FreeCAD files are included, workflow is chaotic, I'm not a CAD person by training...

As saying goes, the only thing that is original is the big bang, anything else are derivatives... Perhaps making it a point to distribute regardless is a better option.