Treasure Chest Remix

by Hvmhvm Aug 27, 2016
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I did the bottom so far, and it worked out great on my CR-10s Pro. I needed some glue stick for bed adhesion, but that's probably my printer. The stringing evident in your photo didn't happen on mine, even with high temps on the plastic. Perhaps increasing the print speed will reduce the droop. I know this is WAAAY after the original post, just wanting to let you know this chest is still great and thanks for the design.

I love the wooden look on the outside. I would love to see these woodstyle on the inside too. That wouldn´t increase printing time but make it look more real. <3

I printed one and it really sucks. like, interference on the hinges. what a waste of plastic. don't post things you haven't tested!

I only post things I printed myself and were successful, as you can see in the photograph. I'm sorry it didn't work on your printer.

I took a look again at my print, and I guess you are referring to the fact that the lid doesn't open completely? This was actually by design, so you could leave the lid open in an upright position, as is shown in the third photograph. I will add it to the description, so people that want the lid to open completely don't waste their time.

Hi there,

i think i have same problem like Wyatt, but, Wyatt, before attacking you should try to repair stl's, or just ask what's happening ;)

Ok, for me, i tried to repair the STL with meshmixer, because the little rivets aren't sliced correctly with Simplify3D, they're getting hollow on the Chest side, so they're not stable.
Even the "Make Solid" optioin in meshmixer doesn't get a better result, so i want to ask if someone could have any idea on this problem?

thanks for your time, keep on making and

best regards


Hi all,

i found a solution working for me. in S3D you should first separate connected surfaces, group them and the you'll get some sort of solid model.
I'll update this how it will be printed.

best regards


Thank You very much for this solution. It worked very well for me. Its not very intuitive tho. For those having trouble just go in and un check the two connected surfaces which are the hinge tabs. Then render the print with what looks like missing hinges. Even tho you deselected them, they will show properly in the final render.

Thank You MaddaF007

Actually after further review I think I might have inadvertently done a partial repair with the tools in S3D. It wasn't able to fix it all the way. But I was able to have great results repairing the file with Microsoft 3D Builder. Upon import of the file to 3D Builder it recognizes the non manifold problem and repairs it perfectly.

I also ran into a ton of non manifold segments on the bottom as well. Threw it into 3D Builder and it fixed it beautifully automatically.

I still can't get it to work. separating the surfaces fixes the rivets, but the handles are still screwed up for me. And when I tried to slice it in cura it just took a chunk of them off.

Hi There NotMax. Try throwing the file into Microsoft 3D Builder. it will fix it up perfect for you

I printed this with a wood PLA, and it came out great! However, the lid doesn't stay connected to the base. Either the nubs on the base need to be extended, or the hinges need to be rotated slightly inward.

Would love to print this however when loading the Chest its very small in comparison to the lid. Could you update or load the larger chest file or let me know how to get the chest scaled to fit the lid, lid is perfect size. Thank you.

Thans for bringing this to my attention. Apparently the 2.5 times scaling that I mentioned in the description was not done for the chest itself. I uploaded a corrected version.

I've saved this for later. Going to print this out for my D&D dice!!! I think I'll be using supports tho as the overhang looks bad on your printer. Hopefully this will solve it. Thank you for your efforts.

Ahhh... very nice. I like this one. I printed a large version of the original and was disappointed that it didn't hinge.

I like it. Very whimsical.

I think with two small additions, this could be made to stay latched close.

A small subtly lipped tab added to the base right beneath the lids hook could be used to catch onto a slight ridge that would be added to the top of the body of the padlock.

I really want to use this as a dice container, I'll probably post a remix soonish.