PSR B0329+54

by NANOGrav Aug 30, 2016
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You are a Radical person and I am happy to share this earth with you.

Nice! I can see at least three frequencies there. Very cool

Nice! I wrote some similar code to turn one of our LOFAR discoveries - a nuller - into plastic, but the signal-to-noise wasn't nearly as good (and the slices ended up too thin). I did prefer even slices to interpolation for single-pulse data. I'd be happy to try my code out on this data, if you're interested.

Hi! Is there a way to convert another type of sound into like this printed shape?

Downloading for Joy Division

i been waiting for a guide to come and PRINT THIS IN 3D

love you forever

hi, is there a way to convert the WOW signal of 1977?

God I love this stuff. The possibilities are endless plus Joy Division were a big part fo my teenage years.