Alien Cube

by 3DSage Aug 28, 2016
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what infill % should we use?

I used 20 percent infill.

I don't think it matters. The pieces are so thin it will 100% infill anyway.

I think this model is fantastic and much improved from the previous version. That said, when I printed the base stl the box was too small to fit the lid. Is it just my printer, or is the scaling off?


This is something I hope 3D printer companies address. Standardizing printer settings and quality across different printers. Sorry to hear that. It fits perfectly when printed from my cube 2 printer but was a little tight on my Maker Ultimate 3d printer. I suggest sanding if its too big or scaling it up if it's too small.

This is great!! I am making a bunch!

This is amazing! I can't wait to make one (or five lol). Thank you for sharing!

haha no problem! Make as many as you like. :)

Fantastic design i was thinking about all the possibilities of an arduino controlled led and sound cube where it could produce different alien type sounds when it is picked up and rotated. If i play around with this idea i will make sure to let you know.

I like your ideas! I cant wait to see what you come up with.

Love the new design.
Is it possible to post the parts as separate files? I'm printing the inside and outside of the box in different colored plastics and the way they are now I have to print some of the parts twice. :D

Thank you! That is a good idea. Sure, I just uploaded the lid, lid diffuser, and base as separate files. I look forward to seeing how your cube turns out!

Yes can you also post the sides separate because I use maker-bot and the file wont print well when all 4 are on the pad together.

Sure I just uploaded the sides so you can print them separately.

Comments deleted.


bamakojeff made a remix. =)

Alien Cube (Separate Pieces)

I have tried several times now to print the sides. Problem is that the surface area is so big so there is much chance of a adhesive failure. So every time I print, one of the sides would fail. I would be better if I could print the sides as separate files to.

I will keep trying tho. The inside diffusers came out great.

Here's a remix with all the pieces as separate files. Happy printing. This is an exceptionally cool project.

Alien Cube (Separate Pieces)