Dino-Hunt Fossil Digging Game

by DannySanchez Aug 29, 2016
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Hello I printed this earlier as my third ever print on my new 3D printer, it came out really good but for one problem on the side of his head which lays on the bed. I think my issue is a general printing one not really specific to this great design, more my lack of experience in 3D printing, but I hope you might be kind enough to indulge me with some advice for this model.

If i understand correctly, I need to use supports on this head piece and the software also advises me to use a raft. However after printing I wasn't able to remove all of this, it seemed fused and damaged the piece when i tried to remove it. I want to check if I should be doing this as I don't see specific mention of supports for this part. I have been testing it with the PLA that came with the printer.

I will keep playing with this and different settings because it's so close to being a lovely little model for my nephew. Some things I will be testing is checking the layer height in case it's forcing the layers into the raft or something like that. And just retrying in case it's bad luck. But would appreciate any steering as again I'm a complete noob to this :) Thank you, and thank you for the wonderful design - I can see a lot of skill and effort has gone into it.

Hi kojacker!

Thanks for your message and printing my model! The recommendation I have for you is to try printing it with the "chin" on the print-bed, so with the skull in its regular orientation, instead of on its side. You can also try this with or without supports, and with or without raft.
Potentially, you should be able to print it without supports on its chin.

Let me know how it goes, thanks for including pictures, that helps a lot!

Hey Danny, thank you that worked out much better. I never even thought of flipping it over like that :)

My software with the printer didn't let me easily rest the jaw on the plate so I did use supports under the chin after the axis flip, which left some sticking out pieces from the supports behind. i think I can sand these off. I believe if it was ABS i could use acetone to smooth them down, but PLA and acetone doesn't work... I don't know what I'm saying, I have a lot to learn on this journey :)

Your help is much appreciated, and the super fast response too! I threw you a couple of bucks, please put it towards a beer or cheeseburger, or whatever takes your fancy lol My nephew will be delighted with his new dino - thanks again for taking the time to create and upload your design!

Wonderful! Glad to see it printed very clean this time. With PLA you can definitely use an x-acto knife or similar to shave-off the bumps and then sand them.

I designed this quite a few years ago, before I had significant experience with 3D printing, so I now know that it is a bit of a hassle to print. For kids, sanding the whole thing from course to fine grain and using water will smooth it nicely and will make sure the parts fit together.

Welcome to this 3D printing journey, it has a learning curve but you seem to be rocking it, don't be discouraged! :)

And thanks again for sharing and for the tip, will be put to good use! Hope your nephew loves it, feel free to print any of my other toys like the smaller fossils or the Ocean Explorer kit. I also invite you to check out my main project, MiniWorld,



I must agree with Sixdeuces... it is either fill the rock with supports or worse when it is flipped over (Supports.jpg image attached). I love the design and am still printing it, however a minor adjustment to the rock so that there are only 45 degree angles or less (with deeper cavities to compensate to ensure all parts still fit) when upside down would make it so that no supports would be required at all. Again, I really love the design and know you put a ton of effort into this. I appreciate it!

Thanks for your comment, I agree with you. I designed this quite a few years ago and I actually did not have a printer yet, so I was sort of designing blindly, not knowing the limitations. I can revisit this and update the files with a much easier to print rock mold. Stay tuned - in the meantime (and you probably have done or thought about this) you can just use a bowl or bucket to fill with mud and hide the bones inside, kids will still love that. Thanks again and I'd love to see your print results!

Thank you for taking it so well. :D I really do love this design. Thank you again for sharing your talent with us.

This looks really fun,but that rock mold is pretty much unprintable unless you completely fill it with support. Yikes!

You can print it with the hollow side up, so you'd only need support for some of the sides and the entire volume inside can be empty ;)

Do you have any recommendations for orientation and supports?

Hi, Danny Sanchez here. You can print the skull, body and tail lying on its side, Print the legs standing up, with the "foot soles" on the ground. That worked pretty well for me. Hope it helps and please share any comments or feedback as well as pics of your print experience! :D