In-halo - inhaler for children with asthma

by DannySanchez Aug 29, 2016
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UPDATE: added the top part file, which was missing for some reason. Thanks @arenton for pointing it out.

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How cute is this design!

But what I understood from the doctor the other day is that the use of the inhaler directly on to the mouth is incorrect and that you always have to use a chamber.

Hi! Danny Sanchez/MiniWorld here. It is true that for small children a spacer is mostly recommended. Because the mouthpiece of this inhaler is basically the same as standard ones, a third party spacer can work with this inhaler normally, especially those with rubber interfaces that surround the mouthpiece in a perfect seal.

Not every inhaler, my Foster dispenser for priventing asthma don´t need any chamber after the spraying unit.
But i think my Alergospasmin works better or faster with an chamber.

@DannySanchez i think my printer could not print the spraying noozle. :-( But the design looks very good.

@Snakepit1981 What I did with mine was use a needle or pin to punch the spray hole. Depending on your printer, the hole will be more less marked so the pin should go in rather easily. Also, you can try printing just that part in a higher resolution. Hope it works for you! If it does, please share :)