Rick's Portal Gun from Rick and Morty

by 3DCentralVA Aug 30, 2016
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This design is awesome and well done, and I really want one to call my own. Though before I can, can someone PLEASE make the handle the bulb-like curve it's supposed to be???

We are having problems with this lol. I think we shall repair those files a bit.
Original objects
Sliced objects

Hi. This is an awesome project. I want to print one and I was wondering If you measured the amount of PLA used. I don´t know if I have enough green or white PLA. I would be great to have a clue of how many material or time you spent on the process.
Thank you

Knob file for me is broken. When I import it into Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.36.2 there is a section of the knob that is missing.

Is is the hole on the bottom? That's used to connect the knob to the body with the included pin.

Can you post a screenshot?


The knurling on the knob is cracked when I slice it.

Importing the STL into Meshmixer and re-exporting it fixed the issue for me. You could also try: https://service.netfabb.com/

Hi guys. Congratulations for this!

Is it better to print the gun body with supports?

Thank you

I printed the gun body and handle with no supports on my Monoprice Maker Select V2 with just a fan shroud upgrade.

I remixed the display piece that I was having trouble with. I made the walls thicker on the INSIDE of the piece so it retains it's original dimensions just has more robust walls now.


Hopefully this helps anyone else that's having trouble with this piece out.

Adjusted Display Piece for Rick's Portal Gun

The display keeps printing too thin for me and breaks where it bends at the sides.

Is there any way to get one that's "thicker" on the walls? I've been trying to figure out how to do it on my own but I just can't get it.


Okay, I may have figured it out...standby.

Whenever I try loading in the knob for the gun, it says it isnt manifold. Im new to printing so i have no idea how to fix this, im hoping to find a free way to do this

H i am having a problem with the
knob too it wont print completely it will only print the bottom part of it

The Full Bell has some shell issues when trying to print in vasemode (for transparent fillament) :(

Just printed one. It turned out great!

Excellent build, I like the addition of the LEDs! Great job on the video too, and thanks for taking the time to give me a shout out.

Totally! Thanks for posting the original model; this was a really fun remix!