Hive Game Derivitive "Swarm"

by Gigbrinus Sep 6, 2016
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Hey, this is a great design- thanks!
I printed at half the size for a more travel friendly version. I don't suppose you'd be willing to create the colony pieces too? that would be amazing!

does anyone know which tiles to print in what color ? i have both black and white and plan to infill the design with the opposite color .

Despite the chamfer, I had no difficulty printing these in ABS on an Ender 3, using a 100C glass bed without hairspray. There was a very small amount of warping at the edges, which in my experience would have happened even without the chamfer.

If you're having issues with the tiles curling up and poor adhesion in general, that's bescause of the chamfer. Those really kill your adhesion. Either add supports, or cut the bottom 1mm of the model to get rid of it.

If I find the time and motivation I'll make and upload a remix with sharp edges.

Hi! These are great tiles. And I would like to make a remix and change chamfer at bottom, as it is a bit too much for my printer. Also I want to make them weight more to add more "value" and feel :) Is it possible to add 2d vector art of insects to files so I can build new remixed tiles?

I was going crazy trying to figure out why these tiles looked and felt ever so slightly uneven. Thought my X-axis might be slipping or something. I came to the same conclusion about the lower chamfer. It's just too much without support, even for my Prusa MK3.

Same here. Try an initial layer of .2 or .25, and the rest of the layers at .1 or .15 - This way, subsequence layers will have a harder time 'peeling off' the first layer from the buildplate. Also, make sure your bed leveling is really perfect. The first layer should be squeezed against the buildplate, but not so much that it becomes thinner than .2mm and you can see through it.

Also, avoid printing pieces near the edge of your build plate. Temperature is not as uniform there and pieces will curl up more easily.


these are a lot bigger than i expected..

Thanks for uploading this! I am printing it now, and was wondering if you plan on adding anymore tiles.

Thanks for the kind words! I didn't have plans on adding some of the expansion pieces right now, but maybe I will now that I know they're in demand :)

My girlfriend worked on some of the graphics for these, so I'll put the bug in her ear....so to speak ;)

That would be great! I'll post a picture when I get the set done. I am going to try and fill in the graphics with a 3d pen for a two color tile. I love the designs!

Laura, I like the idea of the 3d pen. I foolishly tried to paint inside the lines and it didn't work out so hot....thankfully I could just print more. I'll be glad to see the results, and I'll get working on the new pieces this weekend :)

Thanks again for your enthused interest!!

I tried a couple of different things. The 3d pen I have is not real precise so I more or less blobbed the filament in and sanded. The result is good but is a lot of work. I opted to use paint bottles with a nozzle lid. It was still impossible to do neatly and required sanding as well. It is much faster though. I plan on making a set with the 3d pen but just don't have the time right now. I am posting examples in "made". Looking forward to the additional tiles if you are still planning on creating them. Either way, this first set will be a Christmas gift for a family member.

Hey there, saw the make and they're looking really good so far!

I have three expansion tiles to add here soon: the mosquito, ladybug, and pill bug. They're in the works, but my girlfriend (who is working on the minimal-style drawings) started a new job this week, so needless to say it got pushed to the back burner for a bit. I'll try to get them up here within a week.

Glad you're having a good time with these, and it wouldd be great to see the full set when they're ready for Christmas :)