Pet monster Gulpy

by andreas Feb 12, 2012
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Really funny model!

How do you make that man?!

Just to awsome

Painting one now! :)

Awesome, looking forward to it :)

Hey Andreas, Hope you're enjoying your print, great model you have here. -Art Force Studios.

Kids loved it and it printed very well with shell option on the Up! Mini
Have printed the dragon with chest as well. Will upload picture later...

what program did you use?

Worth a print for the face alone. Nicely done.

Thanks! That's one of those characters I'd really love to have a print of one day. It's still feels a bit SciFi to me to see people print 3d-models at home :)

The toes, bone and ears print great. The overhang on the fingers is too extreme - see the dropped loops in the photo. Otherwise, a nice print!

Thanks for the fast feedback! Well I could arrange his hands in a different position but it would look less cute :)

Is this a major issue or could this be fixed with supports?

You could turn support on - I probably would just trim off the imperfection. It's really just the finger nearest to the body - the two outer fingers print fine. If you want to fix it, twist
amp; stack the fingers up at a slightly steeper angle - even a 5 degree change might make it perfectly printable.

More like this (forgive my mangling of your original image)

You mangled it for the greater good, so it's ok. ;)

Updated Gulpy to v1.1:

This subtle change makes a difference. (See "I made one" for a side by side comparison.) Go crazy with the overhangs - as long as they jut out from the body at 45degrees.

Much better, thanks!

Might work well to have his hands flat like he's holding his large belly, but can't reach around.

@cyclone: Flat hands on the belly would fix it for sure, the first draft had this actually. But I find the dangling hands much more appropriate for this character.

You are one crazy monster making machine. :)

It's a pretty fun topic, I love creating stuff like this :)

Thanks for making these guys I look foward to seeing more if your in the mood to make em for us to print