Katana eRacer

by VincentMarcello Aug 31, 2016
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Hello everyone! which servo can be used in this design? thanks!

If anyone is interested, i am selling all mechanical parts as a set, new in the package.
I will not continue to make the car.
I'm from Belgium.

What is the maximum size for the lipo ?

It does look nice and cool, but does it really work? Can't seem to find a single video of it......Anyone care to share? Thx

Great Design!

Could you add a picture of how the motor and gears connect / mount?

Also any picture of how the other extra components mount.

Thank You

same. I am mostly through printing, but I still do not know how the driveline connects in the rear.

Where can you get parts in the US?
Can you use another brand?
Any suggestions?

Won't be rigid enough for offroad bashing i guess. Will it be rigid enough for normal driving on the street or is it more of a show-case?



This is awesome!!!!
I saw on your facebook profile you have a 4WD version. Do you think you will ever release that one?

Also, will this body still fit this? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:910644


amazing. can you share project files ?

Comments deleted.

has anyone built the car and can help me?

Rear Spacer B is missing from the stl's - pls can it be uploaded, thanks.

Thanks for a great model but unfortunately it now brings up more problems that I hope you can help me with, 1 how is the Diff main gear 03004 fitted onto this the diff driven shaft 02030 as the ends are different fittings. 2 On the rear wheel rim ther is no space for the rear wheel hex is this a mistake or am I missing something?

Did he send you a picture? if so please send it to me

No I am still waiting for the picture as I cant see how the two bits lock together has the shaft and the cog don't have the same fittings

Hi there, as for the diff. tomorrow I will post you a pic. And as for the rim, you have to pull apart the support on the bottom to get access to the hex.

Hi Can you please let me know where you have put the picture has I cant find it anywhere?

Your diagrams seem to call out a second rear spacer called "Rear Spacer B" but I don't see an stl for this. Are we supposed to use a second spacer A?

Would love a BOM list to know what is required to complete this. Just got a 3d printer last month and this looks very cool.

Hi, great job! Looks awesome. How long it takes to print this guy? What is your recommendation for layer height? Thanks for sharing your work.

It all depends on the quality you desire. I normally would print it at 0.2 layer height and a maximum 40% infill. The only parts with 50% infill are the bottom plates. Have fun!

May I make a suggestion? Present your models in the orientation they should be printed. This is simply done using Cura so you do not have to rotate them in the modeling software. This will make it much easier on the end user while printing the model.

Thanks for the advice, first thing I will do on my next project.

No worries. Anything to help a fellow inspiring designer. Keep up the amazing work!

Awesome stuff. Any news on what power plant to run on this bad boy?

It all depends on the ability as a driver :) It's all up to you.

So any motor will fit in the mounts?

Any 1:10 scale motor.

Which Filament did you use? Will PLA work? Or better ABS?

I suggest to use abs for the rims and the front/rear section, ninjaflex for the tires and the rest in pla. I used filament from colorfabb and it worked out great.

Excellent but no idea how electronic is working??
Moreover, could you please put Ebay's links in the description??

Thanks. I'll do it as soon as possible. Stay tuned.