Scale model of the Solar System

by 3dmaan Aug 31, 2016
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Is support for the ring necessary?

The ring printed well, without support, on my printer.

Is support for the ring necessary?

Is this one available in multiple parts too?
I cant print with multiple colors.

You can print it with a single color printer, as I did. Just change the color at the right moment during the print process. Most printers are able to pause the printing. At that moment you can change the filament and continue the print.

Hello I am new at this and I really need to print this model.

Could somebody please explain to me how to move it to my SD card?

Hey thank you so much for this model, I'm printing two for my kids. But I scaled the little version up a bit, instead of 10cm edge lenght I chose 15cm. Please tell me that I calculated right that this means it's scale is 1:3'750'000'000?

Good to hear. I think the scale changes to: 5,000,000,000 * 10/15 = 3,333,333,333. Rounding it a little bit gives 1:3,300,000,000 . How did you calculate the scale?

wrong apparently. I thought it's linear, 5bl = 10, 2.5=20, added half of 2.5 to 2.5, sry math is really not my strong suit. Will correct it before posting the modified version, thank you. I printed it black and will paint it later on, right now it's curing from first layer XTC 3D, I hope it works out with the paint ;)

This will likely be my first and only multi-color print.

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I'm gonna print it with the base less high. The base doesn't really add to the model but it adds a lot to the print time.

Yes that's possible, the printing time can be a problem. I printed this model without a solid bottom, that also reduces printing time and PLA usage. It doesn't matter that you can see the infill structure on the bottom.

Happen to know exactly what layer # to pause at to change the color?

Awesome model! Thanks!

The lowest part is 15 mm thick. With a layer height of .2 mm I had to change color at layer 76.

I finally found a dutch person on thingiverse! Your model looks awesome btw

Ha yes thanks. This is one of my first models.