Dabbing Star Wars Characters

by Savex Aug 31, 2016
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lit fam lmao lol i love doing a dab with my lit squad keep it 100

Awesome design, can you share Boba Fett model too plz? Any chance of making Darth Vader too?

How does one model this sort of thing? This can't be done in SolidWorks?

I modeled it in Blender. There're a lot of tutorials on modeling and animating in Blender

i found that this prints well if it is rotated 90 degrees (elbow down) with supports, used blue glow in the dark filament. My son loves it. Thank you.

Aidan hates ou. Sorry. He also hates lit fam and dabbing.

problem to print the arm , recommended printing rotation for it ?

Darth Vader would be sweet!

It seems that the support will not stay on. It seems to break and just pile up in a ball of plastic.. Any suggestions? Ps: I am new to the 3D printing world, Thanks! :)


I'm using Cura 2.3.1 as my slicer, and I can't get the supports to print in a way that I can easily remove them (single filament PLA) and I end up breaking the model when removing them. Is anyone able to message me to help me figure this out? I figure if someone is willing, I could send them the settings I am using and maybe get some help adjusting them.

"swagger", man, seriosly?

I know... It matched the font best. u got something better?

Comments deleted.

how long did it take

Idk, I spent maybe 3-5 hours on the design.

This is well cool! How did you create the model?

First I found a free source model on the web that I think was originally designed for animation. Next, I loaded it in Blender and fixed up all the holes in the mesh, as well as added more details and smoothed out the faces. Then I created an armature for it, posed it and did some last touch ups and details. Finally, I designed a base for it, scaled it to the right size, and Voilà! Some of the spamiest stuff to ever hit the internet...

I see, this must have been how yoga Joe was done.

I am going to give this a go. When I am done, Darth Vader will be doing the funky chicken.


Anyone have recommended printing orientation / support methods to get a clean print?

How do i save this to my sd card

I have a MP mini printer and a nextbook tablet and im having a hell of a time finding a software and downloadable molds to be able to print with... Cura is not supported with a tablet i guess

Sorry about the late response.

The way I save it to an SD card so that my printer can print with it is, first, I slice the model in Repetier Host (a free open source slicing software), then export the G-code to my sd card which I then plug into my printer. My printer shows a list of all the G-code files sitting on my SD card... I just pick one and it'll start printing it. I have a Prusa i3, so the process is probably different than yours. You might wanna look up a how to video on Youtube.

Hope this helps

wasn't too shabby. as expected had some issue with a few low hanging unsupported spots (finger, pouch, and elbow) but over all fun for a first print ever.

Good fun Mate A+++