E3D fan with integrated layer-fan

by Tom114 Aug 31, 2016
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I love this! Could you please add a variant with a mount for the BLTouch? Thanks!


great design.
Can you upload the rest of the part in .STEP
I have some modification to do in my case.


Any plans on making one with the Prusa Mk3 fan duct?

any chance there is a remix to fit a 40mm fan instead of the 30mm fan?

has anyone remixed this to HOT 2 style? :)

while not a remix, my thing is compatible with the hot2! style - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2769783

E3D V6 improved fan adapter with modded Prusa MK3 Layer Cooling

could you add a bltouch to this setup?

PETG print melted by e3d heater block when installed. Printed part is 1mm lower then nozzle. What i did wrong?

the hotend fan surface needs to be raise so the heater block can be positioned any side. as well as the fan is impeded at the base affecting airflow over the lower fins. anyone else agree?

Great design however I'm finding the layer fan part doesn't direct the air downwards enough and cools the nozzle leading to all sorts of problems. (discussed here https://shop.prusa3d.com/forum/software-f13/pla-cooling-fan-drops-nozzle-temp-below-extrude_mi-t292-s30.html)
And so I downloaded the remixed nozzle part from here:https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1906567
Now here's the weird thing - the position of the nozzle doesn't line up by about 5mm shift in the X-Y plane. I dont understand why because if the parts that holds to the fin is attached to the fin then the nozzle center must be in line with that.

Prusa Fan-Nozzle Remix

I'm seeing this issue as well, the nozzle not lining up with the hole in that remix. Maybe the creator of the remix used an older version of this model that hasd some slightly different measurements?

Does the nozzle/hot-end cool down even if it is in free air, so no parts/bed under it? The bottom of the fan-nozzle should also be about 1-2mm above the bottom of your E3D nozzle. But yeah it is unavoidable that the temperature lowers a bit when the fan speed is at 100%. I would recommend a E3D sock, not only to prevent temp drops but also to keep the nozzle/heaterblock clean.

This is what i'am looking for a few Days!
THX to Design that Thing i hope it fit. ;)

Great design! Do you have a version with a 40mm mount for the E3D heatsink cooler as well? Would be amazing, since some (myself included) use larger fans at slower rpm to reduce noise.
Got a decent Noctua fan to do the job, but its 40mm instead of 30mm

I cant find this on GrabCad... Could you post a link? I'd like to make this with a 40mm fan for the heat sink section...


That would be great,i'm looking forward to seeing it!

Great design. I've been using it for a while and it works great, with one exception. The blower seems to be blowing right on the nozzle. As long as the blower is on, the hotend temp never gets above 212C. As soon as I switch the blower off, the temp climbs right back up to where it's supposed to be. It seems to be assembled correctly. Has anyone else experienced this?

Do you have an E3D lite with a 30W heater cartridge (blue wires)? Because I don't have this problem and I use a 40W heater. There are a few solutions I can think of; buy an E3D sock or maybe try to wrap it in kapton tape, turn the fan speed down, or replace the cartridge with a 40W one (if you currently have a 30W).

The sock is a good idea. I was planning on doing that anyway, but for some reason it never occurred to me to be a solution to this over-cooling problem. The solution I did find turned out to be simpler still. This fan assembly clamps onto the E3D heat sink, and I had it clamped up as far as it would go. That put it almost a cm off the print surface. I moved it down so it was only a mm or two off the surface, and the problem went away. I'll still get a sock, though. Thanks for the advice, Tom.

Hello. I really like this design but don't know how to mount the hot end to the x axis of a Prusa i3. I have a bowden setup. Any help is welcome.

I used https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2170721 as a mount, and this thing for the fans. They fit well together and the whole thing has worked really well for me.

Hictop Prusa i3 / ANET A8 E3D V6 X-carriage (Bowden) W/BLTouch Mount

Does anyone have a remix of this having two fan blowers one per each "side"?

any chance to get this for the stock tarantula hotend ?

This is Brilliant! great idea! What about adapting it to be used for volcano as well?

Any comments on the performance? Looking for the best cooling for my E3D!

Any chance to get generic mount or holder for proximity sensor on the other side?

I use one of my other things for that. If you look at the Onshape for that spacer, it would be trivial to change for whatever probe style you want.

E3D Titan + BLTouch Mount (V6 & Volcano)
by urw

Can anyone post a picture of this from left looking right? My block is touching the mount which doesn't seem right. Thanks!

Thanks very much for this! I've been looking for something like this for a long time.

This may be a stupid request, but on my left side, where your heatsink fan is, my BLTouch resides. Unfortunately I'm not very talented with 3D design. I'm wondering if there is any way you could make a version with the heatsink fan to the right. Please excuse my request, but I think this would really step up my machine.

I don't know that you'd need to redesign. I think you can just mirror the file in your slicer. "HOT" would be backwards though.

Maybe I'm misstaken, but would't this also mean that I'd have to flip the radial fan? That's no good.

Yeah your right. I was thinking there would be an easy way, like mirror it on one plane and then another. But after locking up Fusion 360 a dozen times I can confirm, no.

If it was that easy I would have done it already ;)

The problem is that the way I had to edit the files is a complete mess, so if I need to change something I basically have to do it all over again.

Will this fit the stock Prusa i3 a8?

I don't think the A8 uses an E3D hot-end, so it probably won't.

you can share your CAD assembly files, with all the parts?

If you mean the fans and hot-end, you can find those on GrabCAD.

Will you consider making a version of the nozzle that's a little taller to accommodate the Volcano? If I mount this as-is, it would blow air all over the side of the heater block, rather than at the nozzle.

I could try that, can you tell me how much it should be lowered?

Any update to a Volcano version?

Volcano should be 8.5mm lower.

How about 40mm fan for the heatskink?

That would require almost redrawing the entire model so for now I won't. You could try it yourself though, I uploaded the .step file too.

could you share the source or create a version for a 5020 blower?
I've bought this: https://www.amazon.de/Radial-Lüfter-50x50x20mm-GB1205PKV1-8AY-Vapolager/dp/B00LPQ4Y8M/

Thanks, nice share!

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Try stretching the lower fan duct piece. It only needs to be 10mm wider, and then it should 'just work'

Any chance of a variation on this to work with the titan extruder - it basically needs to hold the fan further out from the assembly by a centimetre or so as the arms currently hit the base of the motor.

I'm running this with a titan right now, it fits fine with plenty of clearance. Mount it with the blower fan in front.

i can confirm that it is working with the titan when the blower fan is in the front, but i use a nut to tighten the the blower's top left screw and it's pressed against the extruder body tilting the whole assembly at a slight angle. not a big issue, but another 1-1.5mm of clearance would have solved it.

i'll post some pictures tomorrow in a make.

Well, the thing is that right now the air blows right under the nozzle, if it moved 1cm away the fan won't blow the air at the right place. So it wouldn't be nearly as effective.

Is the blower fan ("squirrelcage"/centrifugal) size a standard size? Either way, could you give me the measurements?
My fan was sold as being 50 mm mm. However the actual diameter more like 47 mm. Fan opening inner size is 16.5mm by 13mm.
Opening outer size 17.5mm by 15mm.

If your fan says 5015S on the back, there is a pretty good chance it will fit, as I think they are standard dimensions. These are the dimensions of the 5015S I'm using: https://sc01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1BNpNFXXXXXX7bpXXq6xXFXXX7/202576665/HTB1BNpNFXXXXXX7bpXXq6xXFXXX7.jpg

Would be nice if there is a left and right version. I need the fan left to the hotend.

You can mirror the object(s) in Cura along the X axis and get what you need.

I was looking for the Prusa i3 Mk2 parts. Where did you find them?
Will give your design a try.