Autonomous Drone - Quadcopter (Silent Might) APM 2.5

by ajolivette Nov 1, 2013
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Primeiramente Parabéns pelo projeto. Achei muito legal e estou interessado em construir um.
Onde você prende a bateria? se for possível coloque algumas fotos.
qual a capacidade da bateria e quanto tempo ele voa ?

I'd be interested in knowing what to ask for at my hardware store to get the aluminum... struts?
Also, what motor / controller etc. do you use?

I'm trying to build my first quad, so I may have a few more questions, but if there is any chance you could give us some sort of checklist of materials(mostly the electronics, sensors, and controllers) that would be so helpful. I love this design and will hopefully have something that looks kind of like a drone soon.

What is the length of the arms on your design? I'm trying to figure out the prop radius.


So on this one, i used 18 inches, but the good news, is you can scale up longer, however you like. You just need to increase it by the length of the covers, so you don't have to do anything custom to make it all fit.

I've been fascinated by the quadcopter drones since I first saw one. I really like the simple and clean design you have here. What would you recommend as far as info for someone looking to build their own? Parts/ How to/ Controllers, that sort of thing.

Hello Tannius,

Thanks for the compliment. My goal is to design DIY drones that are just as stable if not better than anything you can buy, but you can build cheaper and with parts you can get anywhere, as long as you have access to a 3D Printer.

To build your own, I would first suggest you decide how much you want to build your first time out. You can purchase parts and drones at variable points of completion. You can get a drone, completely ready to fly, but without any camera or telemetry. Or you can get just a micro-controller board and pick and buy your motors and ESC's etc.

After you get going, you can always go back and build another, or rebuild the one you have, but starting from a lower point, and even use the same electronics. I do it all the time.

So, let's say you want to go all out and build from scratch, here's then first decide on a control board. I'm familiar with two types.
Multi-wi and APM.



Depending on your choice, it'll cost x amount or take x amount of time before you're up and flying.

I did it the second way, and if you do as well, here are a few tips.

You need two types of blades.

  • Pushers and Pullers. That's very important.
  • Two blades need to spin clockwise and to others need to spin counter clockwise.
  • To get the blades to spin in the right direction, you change via the ESC. Some (electronic speed controller I believe is what that stands) can change this in it's settings, but all you should have to do is swap around two of the three connections to the motors.

  • Be prepared for a crash and repair. It's part of the process.
  • You have to pick the right battery, and the hobby store will have great suggestions.
  • PICK THE RIGHT GAUGE WIRING. I burned through so many ESC's by not paying enough attention to this, it's just sad.

I'll post more tips later, but if you have any questions about building this particular model, I'm happy to help.

Thanks again,


Thanks for the info!