Screwless Filament Feeder - 1.75 - Dry Box

by DarthxRinzler Sep 2, 2016
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I printed this and it seemed to work but noticed to much space around the PTEG tube which would defeat the use of gaskets elsewhere. I'm going to try scaling this down to see if I can get a fit better.

I was thinking there must be a way to use a second gasket to seal around the PTEG but at this moment I'm drawing a blank.

Thank you for your efforts and design.

What threads are these? And I've been having trouble with them breaking. I can't resist tightening them down more than snug.

First, it prints out perfectly in PETG. Second, is it possible to get one with a larger head, or are you willing to post the source file(s)? I have hose washers in stock that I'm thinking to use instead of o-rings.

How big do you need it?

Printed fine in PLA at 50% infill. Hole comes out to 4.25mm for me with a 4.15mm bowden tube OD. Good clearance. I was remaking one of these in 45mm to go through 27mm of foam board, but the nut I design will not fit on my bolt. I'm currently trying a 3% stretched nut in the x & y.

Just curious how did you design the nut? Did you use standard modeled m8 threads? or revolve your own?

is that o-ring so important ? because i don't have it...

Does it Work with PLA, and If so, what slicer perimeters can I use for PLA

ever think about a small cap to fit into them? for when not in use

I printed two at once. I broke one of them when screwing the nut onto the bolt (by hand!) I guess there was a bit of a mismatch on the threads that caused it to shear. The remaining one screws on nicely, so now I just need to find myself a dry box.

Printed in ABS, .20mm layer height 20% infill.

What thread pitch are you using? I'm thinking of running a die along the bolt to clean up any boogers (on the next one I print).

I finally printed it nicely :)

my slicer used to add some support between each screw flight once i add disabled support i was way better

I also add to remove any retract.

Thank you


Thank you for sharing this design.
My first attempt to print this has been a big fail ...

The nut is ok but the screw totally sucks ...

What slicer parameters did you used to prit the screw ?



Really? Both have printed fine for me many times. I use Simplify3D.

100% infill
1.9mm layer height
220c nozzle temp
110 bed temp
54mm/sec layer speed

My nozzle diametre is 0.4 mm what about yours ?

you said 1.9 mm layer height ?!

is taht a typo ?

Pretty sure that's .190mm