30mm Fan Grill

by Prot0typ1cal Sep 3, 2016
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Wow! Love this design, would look great on my RC drift car ESC fan. Possible to make one in 25mm? Many thanks in advance.

Can you make a 120mm version of this it would look awesome in my pc case.

Okay, scaled the 80mm by 150% in X and Y and relocated holes to a 105mm square.
Available in the "Thing Files" as a download. Untested, you'll be the first ;)

Prot0typ1cal, I hope you don't mind me asking, but do these fan grills have any practical use besides looking cool?

Looking cool? Thanks :)
Designed as a finger guard, back wash elimination (air buffeting from edge of fan), noise reduction, light weight, and customized labels.
Don't think anyone has used the customizer :p

Can you make a 60mm please or can i just scale it in cura?

Uploaded 60mm version, enjoy :)

Scale the 40mm by 150%. Holes line up.
Or if you wait, I plan on a true 60mm version in the near future.

What gap above the support rings did you have. They are perfect and break away so well?

.21mm is the gap used. That way most slicers won't merge the rings, unless you print it at above 0.2 layer thickness.

Does that mean it would be different if printing at 0.1?

0.2 or less seems to work best.
0.1 is what I printed the red and black examples at, and the rings came off without any trouble.
The reason for the peal-off rings is to space the grill off the fan, most fan grills here on thingiverse don't have that feature.

I borrowed the idea from funmun's fan guard for replicator 2

Think Prest0n borrowed it from me for his winning entry here:

Fan Guard for Replicator 2
by funmun
Toranado v2.0 - Fan Grille Contest

Many thank for your help i will start using this kind of custom support in some of my ideas

I love this design, it makes it more silent and will safe your fan for damage. Thanks a lot

Just out of curiosity.. would you be able to create a 80mm version? :D

Check the "Thing Files" for T80v1.STL
Still uses the break away support rings, only they're much thicker now and more of them.
Please post your "make"

Damn. That is almost the same thought I had. Good luck with the design.

Same! Now I don't need to design my own :D

Thanks :)
Just a few more tweaks. Hopefully will have a final v3 up this weekend.