WAGO Power Bracket 1010 For Extrusion

by Tackleberry Sep 4, 2016
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I am sorry for clarity, does each one of the Wago components join 5 wires together?

I am interested in a connector that joins 8 pairs together to swap out hot end thermoster, heater, bed fan and hot end fan.

I would put 2 coupler of two pairs on each mount for each unit and maybe mount all on one plate that can be attached to the X carriage.......... just a thought

Yes, each WAGO module connects all five wires together. Think of it as a spring-loaded wire nut, like what is used in house wiring. The advantage of these modules is the wide range of wiring it can accept (12AWG - 28AWG), and high load rating (20A). This module is for 5-wire connections; they also offer 3-wire and 2-wire connections, but I only needed connections for this. I think I may have created another strip that holds four 5-wire modules, but may not have posted that.

Look around on Thingiverse for other WAGO solutions, you may find something that will work.

thank you! can you recommend a link to the wage elements with 2 and 3 wires that have the same rating?

It's easier than you think; here are Wago's part numbers for each of them:

2-wire: 222-412
3-wire: 222-413
5-wire: 222-415

Amazon has assortment packs: https://smile.amazon.com/Wago-222-412-222-413-Lever-Nut-Assortment/dp/B00U4520JK/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1519255928&sr=8-11&keywords=wago+lever+nuts

Otherwise, I've found them at newark.com.

I saw those, are these any better by chance?
thanks for your help!

I've also used those, and they are a nice improvement over the 222 series. They need 11mm stripped wire (vs. 10mm), and they don't take quite as wide a range of wires (24-12AWG vs. 28-12AWG). But, the levers are larger and have a lower spring force to open. Also, they are a smaller fit, so they work better in small spaces.

Either choice should work great!

Here is some literature on the 221 series:

Thank you again. Do you think they will work with the thin wires of small computer fans?

Absolutely! Those wires tend to run 22-24AWG if I remember correctly. Just make sure you don't have any pulling forces on the wires (strain relief would be best, if possible).

Now, get some of those and get 'r done!

Thanks. Already ordered